• "wtf it was first on my screen"
  • "#chaoswhoever"
  • "I would like to play this.. wait I don't have an idol oops"


  • "TANYA... UMM DIED??"


  • Eos Eggs
  • "Ready Or Not, Here I Animals!"
  • (kate)
  • Really anything else CK and O like


  • Aaryn was robbed of 0th
  • "Hit By a Truck"
  • Ridiculously complicated twists hated by Dyna that never seem to pan out.
  • EGGS


  • Fritz in general.
  • Rory/Cat/Fritz being the forced trio of the series and appearing together in some of the best seasons.


  • The highly anticipated failure called FireVivor: Area 51 - Fans vs. Favorites
  • "Midnight Madness"


  • People requesting salads at Finale ceremonies in reference to Berwick Castle runner-up, Jessica.
  • The extremely forced meme character Evil Valentine and her catchphrase "YOU CANNOT SILENCE THE EVIL VALENTINE!"
  • SG won Finale before it was cool.
  • Jax made Finale cool.
  • "Since this RP needs character development, I'm going to have character development during challenges"


  • TannerSmith being the best strategist ever
  • Tribe chats having actual Fire, Food, and Water stats
  • Awesome challenges that are way too detailed


  • Sandbags
  • Satan becoming one of RP's biggest villains
  • 25VoteCole
  • Marie Antionette's decapitated head.


  • Getting 16+ players to join each season.
  • Half-assed challenges.
  • Chippewa<3

Sliemyvivor irlEdit


  • Sliemy's Hot Ass Aunt Ania

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