43. Dravivor Seychelles

Best Character- Sugar

Worst Character- DyingVirgin

Most Memorable Moment- idk wasn't in it

I've heard from multiple people that this was a terrible RP, and to be honest, I can believe it. The cast is made of people who aren't exactly stellar RPers. No offense Dra, but i have a feeling this will be forgotten.

42. Dravivor Latvia

Best Character- Basil

Worst Character- Michelle

Most Memorable Moment- idk wasn't in it

This has been said to be bad as well by many people, including the own host. Sorry Dra, but this one doesn't stack up.

41. Dravivor China

Best Character- Candace

Worst Character- Susan

I wasn't in this one either, (well I was, but I quit pre-game) but I heard it was one of those littered-with-twists RPs, and wasn't very raved about. Sorry. :

40.Firevivor Namibia

Best Character- Bee

Worsy Character- VioletKelli

Most Memorable Moment- Family Visit

This one is so infamous, to the point it's kind of ridiculous. It really wasn't that bad, most of the characters were meh, and there weren't any real awful people, was boring, ya know.

39. Redvivor Philippines

Best Character- Satan

Worst Character- Matt

Most Memorable Moment- Double Elim

This one  is very forgettable. It was fun-ish, but it petered out at the end, and one of the f4 was eliminated for having shitty internet, so

38.Ovivor South Africa

Best Character- TayAllyn

Worst Character- Star or whatever that Kevvy person'sname was

Most Memorable Moment- Purple Rawks

O hates Brazil more than this, but I heard many people like Brazil, so. Anyway, I liked the pre-merge of this, but I heard it had an awfully boring post-merge, so sorry, Ovivor.

37. Firevivor Cape Horn

Best Character- Tired

Worst Character- Sonny

Most Memorable Moment- Jennifer quitting for Lauren I guess idk

Meh. This was kind of a funny trainwreck, but it was kind of boring too. The first two boots returned, it was just...weird. It did bring us Lauren/Tired though <3

36. Epicvivor Antarctica

Best Character- Sting

Worst Character- Laura Dyse

Yeah, this should have been a given. `Worst Epicvivor by far, and even though there were some GREAT people, it wasn't very good. 

35.Epicvivor Japan

Best Character- Xavier

Worst Character- Rex

Yeah, this one wasn't veryy good either. It was MASSIVE, and  a ton of people went super UTR/just didn't do anything.

34. Dravivor Congo

Best Character- Aaryn

Worst Character- Britney

Meh. I've heard this was a pretty meh RP, save for a few exceptions, so...sorry Dra.

33. Survivor: IRC Hollywood

Best Character- Blendi

Worst Character- Shaniqua

This was my first RP, and I have very fond memories of it. I played the worst character in the season, though. ;( Although all of the Nalyd's Survivor's were great, this was the worst, imo. Also, Toad won for the third time in a row. >_>

32. Epicvivor: Ccursed Islands

Best Character- Annie Wilkes

Worst Character- Cherman

This RP was okay.  It had some great and memorable characters and a good storyline, but I felt some of the twists, even though it was "The Cursed Islands" were kind of unecessary.

31.Ovivor Kyushu

Best Character- no clue

Worst Character- no clue

I literally know nothing about this but I heard it was good, so

30. Ovivor Brazil

Best Character- Milk

Worst Character- Lynsey

I've heard that this was really fun from a lot of people. I've also heard O hates it, so

29. Dravivor: Lost Islands

Best Character- Coco

Worst Chaeacter- CK's quitter

We're getting into the ones I like now! This RP was fun, but REALLY brought down by the abundance of quitters/people who didn't care. Meh, I still liked it though.

28. Reddy vs Fire

Best Character- Yejide

Worst Character- Teddy

This was a very cool idea, and I think it worked relatively well. It wasn't always the most exciting, but it was good. Plus, Noah domination <3

27. Redvivor Australia

Best Character- Myra (idc if she was out first, queen)

Worst Character- Drew

This one brought a TON of the most memorable people from Redvivor to the series. It also had memorable moments, like the uselessness of the Sacred Idol, and Midge's robbage. Also, dat winner. <3

26: Ovivor Costa Rica

Best Character- Isabel

Worst Character- idk

This was the first Ovivor, and the first installment of RP's is usually one of the best. That's not completely true in this case, but this one was still good, and introduced some iconic Ovivor characters.

25/24. IRC Desert/IRC Island

These are two of the most iconic RP's ever, and it would feel weird to rank one above the other. They're very highly regarded, and I think they should stay that way.

23.Firevivor Brazil

Best Character- Staci

Worst Character- TheDoctor (?)

I wasn't in this, but it sounded fun, and seemed like it had a lot of memorable people.

22. Dravivor Morocco

Best Character- Amber

Worst Character- Candela? eh, why not

I was in this (but as a second fucking boot ;( robbed) and it was quite fun. The cast was good, the winner was good, this is just the point where it's like "Everything above this is better"

21. Firevivor South Pacific

Best Character- Rondi

Worst Character- Ceili

This was very iconic, with many memorable characters and moments (rondi vs virgin mary <3 )

20. Dravivor All-Stars

Best Character- Aaryn

Worst Character- I dunno

With this, the last Dravivor has fallen. This was an amazing RP, he managed to do an All-Stars without being planned, there was character development, just really good. :p

19. Firevivor North Pole

Best Character- Noah

Worst Character- Madison

This one was great. We had many funny characters, and even a non-official competitor in Josh.

18.Epicvivor Egypt

Best Character- Trish

Worst Character- Tipseekay

Another very fun one, and my first. I liked basically everyone in the merge, and it brought us a lot of Epicvivor legends.

17.Epicvivor FvF

Best Character- Rory

Worst Character- Invisyes

This one bothers me because it could have been so much better if my hosting wasn't so shitty. I hadn't gotten any sleep and wanted to go to bed andmy mom wasthreatening to kick me off the computer AND my computer was lagging like all hell so the end of this was really a mess. Nevertheless, it was VERY fun and my second favorite Epicvivor.

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