Rachel Reilly

Ovivor: Brazil

FireVivor: Japan

FireVivor: Blood vs Water

Ovivor: Micronesia

TV Stars Tokyo

Some Attributes
First Runner-up of Ovivor: Micronesia and TV Stars Tokyo; 7th in FireVivor: Japan; 10th in Ovivor: Brazil; 15th in FireVivor: Blood vs Water.
Second BB13 champion and designated comp beast. Is NOT a floater!
Third Statistically the most robbed character in roleplay history.
Other Attributes
Fifth "Nobody gets between me and my man!"
Sixth "Do you have to be the biggest bitch because you're gay?"

Rachel Reilly is a recurring RP character played by Reddy. Big Brother 12 HouseGuest and Big Brother 13 winner, Rachel is known for being loud, her obnoxious laugh, and her tirades about not setting fires inside the Big Brother house. Since winning BB13, Rachel has competed in five additional seasons of Big Brother, making the final two twice but failing to win both times due to her poor social game and in-your-face attitude. She is also remembered for crusading against the players she deemed as "floaters" for not winning competitions, her massive collection of GIFs, and her nasty hair extensions.

She has made appearances in three RP series and five RPs total: Ovivor: Brazil, FireVivor: Japan, FireVivor: Blood vs Water, Ovivor: Micronesia, and TV Stars Tokyo. She is rumored to be planning more appearances until she becomes the first two-time Big Brother winner. Better watch out.


Season Comp Wins Finish
Ovivor: Brazil 1 10th Place
FireVivor: Japan 2 7th Place
FireVivor: Blood vs Water 0 15th Place
Ovivor: Micronesia 2 Runner-up
TV Stars Tokyo 6 Runner-up

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