Character Season Finish
Dravivor - Charlotte Charlotte Dravivor: Romania Sole Survivor
Rejectvivor - Daisy Daisy Rejectvivor 1 Sole Survivor
Ovivor - Myself Myself Ovivor: Turkey Sole Survivor
Toadvivor - Stefan StefanSeabiscuit Toadvivor: Wisconsin Sole Survivor
Epicvivor - Derk Derk Epicvivor: Cameroon Runner-up
Jaden JadenSmith Ovivor: Sri Lanka Runner-up
Friends & Foes - Lawnmower Lawnmower Friends & Foes Monaco Runner-up
Soovyver - Losangelesgirl Losangelesgirl Soovyver: Acre? Runner-up
Ovivor - Rachel2 RachelReilly Ovivor: Micronesia Runner-up
TV Stars - Rachel RachelReilly TV Stars Tokyo Runner-up
Ovivor - Eevee Eevee Ovivor: Bali 3rd
Kinkshaming101 Kinkshaming101 Toadvivor: Jamaica 3rd
Soovyver - Brendon BrendonVillegas Soovyver: Côte d'Ivoire 4th
TV Stars - Rachel2 RachelReilly TV Stars Superstar Showdown 5th
Dravivor - Shantae-Tashlina Shantae-Tashlina Dravivor: Fans vs Favorites 5th
Dravivor - Shantae-Tashlina2 Shantae-Tashlina Dravivor: Heroes vs Villains 5th
Ovivor - Wentworthless Wentworthless Ovivor: Venezuela 5th
Nalyd's Survivor - Coach CoachWade Nalyd's Survivor: IRC Hollywood 6th
Nalyd's Survivor - Hartman Hartman Nalyd's Survivor: IRC Holidays 6th
Ovivor - Eevee2 Eevee Ovivor: All-Stars 7th
Ovivor - Jesus JesusRodriguez Ovivor: Kyushu 7th
FireVivor - Rachel RachelReilly FireVivor: Japan 7th
Ovivor - Reddy Reddy Ovivor: South Africa 7th
Ovivor - Topaz TopazBrady Ovivor: El Salvador 7th
Brady Kelly BradyKelly Ovivor: Honduras 8th
FireVivor - Creed Creed FireVivor: The Sahara 8th
Epicvivor - Tori TerribleTori Epicvivor: Gabon 8th
Finale - Thurstee Thurstee Finale Te Urewera 8th
Epicvivor - GayWrites GayWrites Epicvivor: Pearl Islands 10th
Epicvivor - Joey's Rattata Joey's Rattata Epicvivor: Antarctica 10th
TV Stars - JSV JSV TV Stars Los Angeles 10th
Nalyd's Survivor - PJ PJ Nalyd's Survivor: IRC Island 10th
Ovivor - Rachel RachelReilly Ovivor: Brazil 10th
Epicvivor - Derk2 Derk Epicvivor: All-Stars 11th
TV Stars - Greeling Greeling TV Stars Hawaii 11th
Epicvivor - Juanita Juanita Epicvivor: Midway Island 11th
Ovivor - Regina ReginaMills Ovivor: Transylvania 11th
Ovivor - Shoerack ShoeRack Ovivor: Cagayan 11th
Ashlee Hyuckari AshleeHyuckari TV Stars Bollywood 12th
Epicvivor - Daisy Daisy Epicvivor: Midway Island 12th
Rejectvivor - Danellie Danellie Rejectvivor: Madagascar 12th
Finale - Thurstee2 Thurstee Finale All-Stars 12th
Ovivor - Topaz2 TopazBrady Ovivor: All-Stars 13th
FireVivor - BrenchelArmyCom BrenchelArmy.Com Firevivor: Blood vs Water 14th
Epicvivor - Derk3 Derk Epicvivor: Legends 14th
Toadvivor - Enter Enter Toadvivor: Michigan 14th
FireVivor - Rachel2 RachelReilly FireVivor: Blood vs Water 15th
Ovivor - Danellie Danellie Ovivor: Faroe Islands 18th

Characters by SeriesEdit

Series Characters
Ovivor Ovivor - RachelOvivor - JesusOvivor - TopazOvivor - Topaz2Ovivor - ReddyOvivor - MyselfOvivor - Rachel2Ovivor - Shoerack
Ovivor - DanellieOvivor - EeveeOvivor - ReginaOvivor - WentworthlessOvivor - Eevee2JadenBrady Kelly
Epicvivor Epicvivor - DaisyEpicvivor - JuanitaEpicvivor - Joey's RattataEpicvivor - DerkEpicvivor - Derk2Epicvivor - ToriEpicvivor - GayWritesEpicvivor - Derk3
TV Stars TV Stars - GreelingTV Stars - RachelTV Stars - JSVTV Stars - Rachel2Ashlee Hyuckari
FireVivor FireVivor - RachelFireVivor - CreedFireVivor - Rachel2FireVivor - BrenchelArmyCom
Dravivor Dravivor - CharlotteDravivor - Shantae-TashlinaDravivor - Shantae-Tashlina2
Nalyd's Survivor Nalyd's Survivor - PJNalyd's Survivor - CoachNalyd's Survivor - Hartman
Toadvivor Toadvivor - EnterToadvivor - StefanKinkshaming101
Rejectvivor Rejectvivor - DaisyRejectvivor - Danellie
Soovyver Soovyver - LosangelesgirlSoovyver - Brendon
Finale Finale - ThursteeFinale - Thurstee2
Friends & Foes Friends & Foes - Lawnmower

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