# Contestant Explanation
13th Althea
To be fair, CK usually has better RP characters than this, but if I remember correctly, he couldn't even really RP because he had to go out and only joined so this could happen. Thanks for that, but Althea still voted herself out, didn't show up to her RI duel, and I have no idea who she even is.
12th Jenna
This character would probably be in the "meh" tier if Snow didn't get bitter after being voted out. To be honest, I hated having to have First Impressions in a second chances-based RP since it goes against what Rejectvivor is even supposed to be, but I had 13 so I was stuck doing it. I don't remember Jenna doing anything except remaining in main after being voted off and yelling at people, which was incredibly annoying.
11th JohnKenzington
This character was a g.od in Toadvivor, but he sadly failed to live up here. Since John Kenzington died after being voted out of Toadvivor, all this version of him did was say "ooo i'm the ghost of john kenzington" before being eliminated early for trying to go against Daisy.
Ironically Like
10th MagikarpGoddessa
Mr. Blonde
I want to put this character higher, but after all, it's just a troll character. Magikarp is one of the best bad RP characters ever, and it was hilarious how the jury was rooting for him so much at F5. *flops*
9th Amber-Kate
Soaring Spirits
This character would probably be below John Kenzington if it weren't for her final moments. She somehow found the idol without any clues and with one guess, after the TDWI three failed to get it after eighteen guesses among the three of them. About five minutes later, she didn't play it and was voted out. Besides that, her only other notable moment is attempting to name the merge tribe (amberkate).

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