Saison Marguerite was a contestant in Redvivor: Panama. She is remembered for being the supposed "French girl", but due to many not believing her, led her to widely hated by many of the contestants. Saison believed that she was best friends with Gia (whom she calls Gina) and also had a small relationship with Dr. Spaceman (Napoleon) during the first few days. Saison received fourth place. Later, Saison returned for Redvivor: All-Stars where she competed with her fellow Panama "friends" Gia and Phill (Phillip Shepherd Dog). Saison quickly aligned with Mercy and thought she was aligned with Ezekiel (Easykeyel), Gia, and Brenda, who were actually in Stealth R Us 2.0. Saison was eventually the last member to be voted off before the final six, made up of all the Stealth R Us 2.0 members.   

Saison Marguerite



Some Attributes
First 4t Place of Redvivor: Panama
7th Place in Redvivor: All-Stars
Second Is how do you say French?
Third Is best friends with Gina
Other Attributes


Redvivor: PanamaEdit

Name: Saison Marguerite
Tribe Designation: Boston Rob
Occupation High School Student
Personal Claim to Fame: Being from the proud state of France, winning Cheer Nationals 2013
Inspiration in Life: Marie Antoinette and Napoleon
Hobbies: Braidng my, how do you say, hair?, hanging out with all my best friends, eating baguettes
Pet Peeves: People who say I'm not from, how do you say, France?
3 Words to Describe You: French, Beautiful, and French
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why?
1) A baguette
2) An extra, how do you say, hairtie?
3) A picture of my boyfriend, Blaine
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: Jean-Robert Bellande, because we are both French
Reason for Being on Redvivor: I want to make more how do you say, friends?
Why You Think You’ll “Survive” Redvivor: My people know very much about hard times, so I will how you say, adapt?
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Redvivor: Because everyone likes me.


  • Saison is based off of Saison Marguerite from MPGiS.
  • Saison had a habit of calling contestants by the wrong names: Gina (Gia), Phillip Shepherd Dog (Phill), Mary Mary Quite Contrary (Mary), Napoleon (Dr. Spaceman), Cole is a gay (Cole is a guy), Santana (Satan), Merci (Mercy), Brenda Napoleon (Brenda Caramoan), Easykeyel (Ezekiel), Mary Mary Quite Contrary (Marianne). 

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