Some Attributes
First Runner-up of Epicvivor: Cagayan
Second Purveyor of rare sands
Third May or may not be immortal
Other Attributes
Fourth Has many powerful cosigns, including Gerold and Giuseppe

sandsvendor100, also known as Seymour, was a contestant in Epicvivor: Cagayan. He was known for speaking in a strange jargon, being a baby tapir with seemingly supernatural powers who sold rare sands, and creating an alliance of shitposters that lasted to the final three, then losing.


Name (Age): Seymour Babyboy Tapir (Immortal)
Current residence: I Live In The Large Black Hole Of The Sands That Is Ruled By Ageless Tapirs Made Of Stone
Occupation: Purveyor Of The Rarest Sands... I Inspect These Sands And Feel Their Grains To Make Sure They Are The Best Sands Possible For Seym To Sell 
Personal claim to fame: I Am Immortal... How Do I Gnow This, You May Ask? Well Hor Hor Hor It Is A Secret That You Might Not Ever Find 
Inspiration in life: Babyboy
Hobbies: Us Tapir Can Hover And Fly With Only Power Of Stout Legs
Pet peeves: Cosign Gerold That Big Fat Fuck He Does Not Gnow My True Power And Therefore Is Inferior. He Is But A Dullard
3 words to describe you: A Simple Tapir
EPICVIVOR contestant you are most like: What Is This "Epic Vigor." Giuseppe Runs Through The Marsh With An Epic Vigor 
Reason for being on EPICVIVOR: Unfortunately Gerold Good Rap Skills Have Allow Darkmen To Trace Wobbly Path Right Back To Tapirs Hole… Seymour Must Strengthen Psychic Barriers, Open Astral Floodgates, Loose Stool
Why you think you'll "survive" EPICVIVOR: Boy Ohr Boy I Cant Wait To Break In My New Baseball's Glove
Why you think you will be the sole EPICVIVOR: Hands. 

Voting HistoryEdit


  • sandsvendor100 was inspired by the Tumblr blog of the same name. 
  • His End Is Near I Will Tell You Just What . His Time Is Limited . 

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