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Shirin sc

Some Attributes
First 5th Place in Redvivor: Chad
6th Place in Redvivor: Japan - Second Chance.
Second #WhiteCollerPower
Third Underdog, bullied and verbally abused by evil people.
Other Attributes
Fourth In Chad, was brutally betrayed and hurt by her main ally, Brock, who she thought was her best friend in the game.
Fifth "Leah, who are you? And Brock, you are DEAD FISH!"
Sixth In Japan, was bullied and ostracized by tribemates, but was able to stand up for the bullies.

Shirin Oskooi was a contestant in Redvivor: Chad.. She also returned in Redvivor: Japan - Second Chance.

In Chad, she is most remembered for her #WhiteCollarPower alliance with Carolyn and So, as well as her friendship/alliance with Brock, and being an underdog for the entire game, being brutally blindsided by her former allies, Brock and Carolyn. The host even cried with her elimination. In Japan, she was excited about getting a second chance, and got starstruck by competing with some of her Redvivors favorites, which made her form an alliance with Christine, Gloria, IsterMe and Jaxdrown. She made the merge without the numbers, but after Tinsley flipped, she lasted until the final 5. This time, she was not only an underdog but also bullied by her tribemates (or so she claims), especially Tinsley and Sarah.


Name (Age): Shirin Oskooi, 31
Current Residence: San Francisco
Occupation: Yahoo Executive
Personal Claim to Fame: Made Google Calendar the #1 online calendar in the world, and helping take care of my mom financially.
Inspiration in Life: Larry David, because he is a hilarious weirdo who says and does whatever he wants. RuPaul because “fierce queen,” “no tea no shade,” “now sissy that walk.”
Hobbies: Traveling, exotic food, whistling champion and mind games.
What is your favorite sport? Field hockey
Pet Peeves: Quitters and morons.
3 Words to Describe You: Competitive, clever and quirky.
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? 1. A goat (or a muffin) 2. Whiskey 3. Beyoncé
SURVIVOR RP Contestant You Are Most Like: Sundra as a sassy brown woman who doesn’t take crap from anybody.
Reason for Being on REDVIVOR: I want to win the ultimate social game, my favorite game in the world.
Why You’ll “Survive” REDVIVOR: I’m intelligent and creative enough to outsmart the challenges. I love to eat everything (bugs, slimy sea creatures) and would be great at scavenging protein-rich food. I bounce back quickly from mistakes/losses. People underestimate me and won’t see me as a threat.
Why Will You Be the Sole REDVIVOR: I practice “voting people out” in real life and succeed. I’m a fighter and risk-taker. I’m super smart, observant, and don’t let my emotions govern my actions at work, let alone in games. I have no qualms with using people or their secrets to get ahead.

Redvivor: ChadEdit

Shirin's Voting History
Episode Shirin's
Voted Against
1 Fletcher Petition
2 Unpredictable Unpredictable
3 No Tribal Council
Petition -
4 Carolyn -
5 So;
6 Carolyn;
7 Cathy Brock, Carolyn,
Cathy, Leah
Voted Off, Day 21
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Redvivor: JapanEdit

Shirin's Voting History
Episode Shirin's
Voted Against
1 Eiko Tribe Immune
2 Eiko Tribe Immune
3 Toph Toph
4 Lightning
5 IsterMe -
6 Fig -
7 ApocalypseMeow Fig, Sarah, Tinsley
8 Fig Fig
9 Cathy -
10 Tinsley Gloria, Jaxdrown, Tinsley
Voted Off, Day 30
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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