[23:07] <SooHok> Welcome to Soo interviews!
[23:07] <SooHok> I'm Soo Hok
[23:07] <SooHok> Winner and All-Star of Ovivor
[23:07] <Blonde> (wait do we play a character)
[23:07] * Jack| dances
[23:07] <SooHok> and host of Soovyver
[23:07] <DraProbst> you aren't doing anything right now@blonde
[23:07] <DraProbst> you just wait and ask questions~
[23:07] <SooHok> Today we're gonna interview the host of Dravivor
[23:07] <SooHok> Drew Prostate
[23:07] <Mika__> gaunt plan? :P
[23:07] <SooHok> Hey, Drew!
[23:07] <DraProbst> crying
[23:08] <SooHok> Ok, so
[23:08] <SooHok> Dravivor: Second Chances
[23:08] *** Jack| is now known as Drew_Prostate
[23:08] <DraProbst> get out
[23:08] <Drew_Prostate> >:D
[23:08] *** Drew_Prostate has quit (Quit: Page closed)

[23:08] <SooHok> Tell us more about the second chances twist
[23:08] <DraProbst> loling@him actually leaving
[23:08] <DraProbst> ~
[23:08] <DraProbst> okay so
[23:09] <DraProbst> I have invited like
[23:09] <DraProbst> 18 people
[23:09] <DraProbst> to return for a second chance at winning
[23:09] <DraProbst> the criteria to return is that you must not have won
[23:09] <DraProbst> and your character must have further potential
[23:09] <DraProbst> and thus
[23:09] <DraProbst> three people told me they could not show
[23:09] <DraProbst> one told me they could instead
[23:09] <DraProbst> and so we ended up with around 15 or 16 people wanting to show up
[23:09] <DraProbst> so I invited a few more so the cast list exceeds 20 people
[23:10] <SooHok> Oh, exciting
[23:10] <DraProbst> My goal is to get 15 or 18 to inact the 3 tribe twist I plan on including
[23:10] <SooHok> Oh... what twist?
[23:10] <SooHok> Can we tell us?
[23:10] <DraProbst> can we tell us
[23:10] <DraProbst> k
[23:10] <SooHok> you*
[23:10] <SooHok> bitch
[23:10] <DraProbst> the twist is
[23:10] <DraProbst> Brains
[23:10] <DraProbst> vs
[23:10] <DraProbst> Brawns
[23:10] <DraProbst> vs
[23:10] <DraProbst> Booy
[23:10] <DraProbst> I mean beauty*
[23:10] <SooHok> IT WASN'T SORTA
[23:10] <SooHok> oh ok
[23:10] <Mika__> (CITCourtney for all 3 :D)
[23:10] <DraProbst> if JoeTheTurnip declined to return
[23:11] <DraProbst> CITCourtney would be in instead of him
[23:11] <SooHok> Do you think the three-tribes format will cause an impact in the game?
[23:11] <DraProbst> yes
[23:11] <SooHok> With this BvBvB division and all
[23:12] <DraProbst> it will have new alliances forming inside
[23:12] <DraProbst> new alliances of people you probably would not want to align with
[23:12] <DraProbst> I'm rooting for players on all tribes
[23:12] <DraProbst> but there is one tribe that stands out to me the most

[23:12] <SooHok> What tribe?
[23:12] <DraProbst> well
[23:12] <DraProbst> to be honest
[23:13] <DraProbst> The Beauties.
[23:13] <DraProbst> They have all my favorite characters.
[23:13] <SooHok> Oh, nice.
[23:13] <DraProbst> for instance
[23:13] <DraProbst> from the best RP ever (no bias at ALL)
[23:13] <DraProbst> Tahiti
[23:13] <DraProbst> Turid and King Alfonso had an interesting relationship during their stay
[23:14] <DraProbst> and now that they're on the beauties tribe I imagine there will be more going on with the two than I could expect
[23:14] <SooHok> Oh, that one where Vanessa won?
[23:14] <DraProbst> I believe her name was Valerie
[23:14] <SooHok> I don't remember them
[23:14] <SooHok> All I remember is Valeria
[23:14] <SooHok> Her pussy was the power
[23:14] <SooHok> Anyway, continuing
[23:14] <SooHok> Any others twists for this season?
[23:14] <DraProbst> Redemption Island.
[23:14] <SooHok> :o
[23:14] <DraProbst> Just like in Morocco and Tahiti each duel will consist of three people.
[23:15] <DraProbst> However, this go around, each duel is made up of flash games
[23:15] <DraProbst> that last through the in-game immunity challenge
[23:15] <DraProbst> Each player on RI will be able to submit three times
[23:15] <DraProbst> their third screenshot of the game being their final submission
[23:15] <DraProbst> The person with the highest score wins the duel
[23:15] <DraProbst> second highest stays alive
[23:15] <DraProbst> lowest goes home
[23:15] <DraProbst> As well as that, the winner gives someone a clue to the hidden immunity idol
[23:16] <SooHok> Interesting
[23:16] <SooHok> I'm sure it wil lcause a lot of drama
[23:16] <Mika__> (*yawn* xD)
[23:16] *** Mika__ has been kicked by SooHok (Mika__)
[23:16] <SooHok> (oops)
[23:17] <SooHok> So, talk about the returnees
[23:17] <DraProbst> crying irl
[23:17] <DraProbst> well
[23:17] <DraProbst> which tribe do you want to hear about first
[23:17] <SooHok> Beauty, as you meantioned
[23:17] <DraProbst> o
[23:17] <DraProbst> of course~

[23:17] <SooHok> As your favorite lol
[23:17] <DraProbst> WELL
[23:17] <DraProbst> Let's start at the top
[23:17] <DraProbst> Beverly
[23:17] <DraProbst> Beverly was a great player in Morocco
[23:18] <DraProbst> she wasn't picked for a tribe
[23:18] <DraProbst> and was the first person on redemption island
[23:18] <DraProbst> in Dravivor HISTORY
[23:18] *** Mika__ has joined #SooDravivor
[23:18] <DraProbst> and was also the first person to win a duel
[23:18] <DraProbst> in Dravivor HISTORY
[23:18] <DraProbst> she was robbed of returning because of her faulty internet connection
[23:18] <DraProbst> I look forward to her returning.
[23:18] <DraProbst> Turid is totally my favoritest singer ever
[23:18] <DraProbst> and her relationship with King Alfonso was also very interesting as well
[23:18] <SooHok> Turd?
[23:18] <DraProbst> Dravery bought a sex tape
[23:18] <DraProbst> and Eleanor is the #OneTrueGoddess of Lost Islands
[23:19] <DraProbst> And
[23:19] <DraProbst> if Superstar should come
[23:19] <DraProbst> that makes my third Tahiti member
[23:19] <DraProbst> correction
[23:19] <DraProbst> Fourth
[23:19] <DraProbst> Superstar
[23:19] <DraProbst> was robbed at the final four because of Valeriesca
[23:19] <DraProbst> she thought she was forcing a firemaking competition but voted incorrectly
[23:19] <DraProbst> Superstar definitely would have won if she had made the final tribal council.
[23:19] <DraProbst> ~
[23:19] <DraProbst> Brains or Brawns
[23:19] <DraProbst> pick a tribe to talk about next~
[23:20] <SooHok> Well
[23:20] <SooHok> talk about the fan favorite of the season
[23:20] <SooHok> She was in the last season
[23:20] <SooHok> Rawyn
[23:20] <SooHok> Fans raged at her early elimination
[23:20] <DraProbst> Rawyn
[23:20] <DraProbst> do you mean
[23:20] <DraProbst> Raven Baxter?????
[23:20] <SooHok> Yes
[23:20] <SooHok> whatever
[23:20] <DraProbst> she is scheduled for the Brains
[23:20] <DraProbst> Raven was rocked out

[23:20] <DraProbst> and obviously gets to returned
[23:21] <DraProbst> because she was the #OneTrueGoddess of the Maldives
[23:21] <DraProbst> Cassie de Blanca is the other three timer seeking redemption
[23:21] <Mika__> (what is zac/courtney?)
[23:21] <DraProbst> she was the first member---
[23:21] <DraProbst> oh god
[23:21] <DraProbst> I forgot
[23:21] <DraProbst> to put zac
[23:21] <DraProbst> on the list
[23:21] <DraProbst> gg me
[23:21] <DraProbst> we'll fit zac somewhere in there when we get there
[23:21] <DraProbst> ~
[23:21] <DraProbst> Cassie was voted out in china
[23:21] <DraProbst> because Candace misread the instructions
[23:21] <SooHok> (cut that part out, editor)
[23:21] <DraProbst> and voted her OUT instead
[23:21] <SooHok> (or not... let show how much of a dumbass this host it)
[23:22] <DraProbst> :(
[23:22] <DraProbst> anyways
[23:22] <DraProbst> Haigh
[23:22] <DraProbst> is
[23:22] <DraProbst> um
[23:22] <DraProbst> the sole survivor of the Camps users
[23:22] <DraProbst> in Latvia: Camps vs FF
[23:22] <DraProbst> he made it to third place
[23:22] <DraProbst> the highest of the camps slaughter that occured
[23:22] <DraProbst> RobbieShapiro was voted out in the partners twist on day one of Tahiti
[23:22] <DraProbst> and lost the first duel
[23:22] <DraProbst> to his partner
[23:22] <DraProbst> GavinFree
[23:22] <DraProbst> KittyWilde is the other Seyche-
[23:22] * DraProbst vomits
[23:22] <DraProbst> sorry
[23:23] <DraProbst> Kitty is the other Seychelles rep
[23:23] <DraProbst> and obviously deserves redemption because that atrocity
[23:23] <DraProbst> was an atrocity
[23:23] <DraProbst> Basil the Cat
[23:23] <DraProbst> was the genious mastermind in Latvia
[23:23] *** SooHok980 has joined #SooDravivor
[23:23] <DraProbst> who idoled himself out when trying to save Wondrasch
[23:23] <DraProbst> gg
[23:23] <SooHok980> (safkmdfkl fuck)

[23:23] <DraProbst> Well I still have all of this recorded so
[23:23] <SooHok980> (I didn't save the first part)
[23:23] <SooHok980> (then I dc/ed)
[23:23] <SooHok980> (crying)
[23:23] <DraProbst> I'm pretty sure we're just gonna end up copying and pasting this whole thing
[23:23] <SooHok980> (o thanks)
[23:23] <SooHok980> (yes xD)
[23:23] <DraProbst> but anyways
[23:24] <DraProbst> BRAWNS
[23:24] <SooHok980> Go on
[23:24] <SooHok980> Brawns
[23:24] <DraProbst> JoeTheTurnip is the final three timer seeking redemption
[23:24] <DraProbst> because he lost to AmberSivayus
[23:24] <DraProbst> who is meh now that we know she's a parody
[23:24] <DraProbst> and not a genious creation
[23:24] <SooHok980> Wait
[23:24] <DraProbst> Clarissa was from the Lost Islands
[23:24] <SooHok980> A FINALIST?
[23:24] <SooHok980> :O
[23:24] <DraProbst> yes!
[23:24] <DraProbst> frankly he should have won
[23:24] <SooHok980> We have a finalist in second chances!
[23:24] <SooHok980> interesting
[23:24] <DraProbst> I don't expect him to go that far actually
[23:24] <DraProbst> I know there's a target on his head
[23:25] <DraProbst> for BEING a finalist
[23:25] <SooHok980> Obviously
[23:25] <DraProbst> Clarissa almost returned in LI but was booted in place of Bowser
[23:25] <DraProbst> DimPossible
[23:25] <DraProbst> call her
[23:25] <DraProbst> beep her
[23:25] <DraProbst> if you want to reach her
[23:25] <DraProbst> Sugar is the other sey
[23:25] * DraProbst vomits
[23:25] <DraProbst> oops
[23:25] <DraProbst> the other seychelles rep
[23:25] <DraProbst> and Oprah gives out CARS
[23:25] <DraProbst> (and BEES)
[23:25] <SooHok980> Seychelles
[23:25] <SooHok980> what is that?
[23:25] * SooHok980 vomits
[23:25] <SooHok980> wow wtf

[23:25] <DraProbst> we are still trying to fill in this final space on Brawns
[23:25] <DraProbst> and since I forgot Zac existed
[23:25] <DraProbst> I'll put him there
[23:26] <DraProbst> Zac was a parody of the user by the same name
[23:26] <DraProbst> and was pretty alright
[23:26] <SooHok980> Zaq hmm
[23:26] <DraProbst> sadly
[23:26] *** SooHok has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[23:26] <DraProbst> The person who plays JoeBiden
[23:26] <SooHok980> Interesting
[23:26] <DraProbst> cannot come
[23:26] <DraProbst> and I've been wanting JoeBiden back since china
[23:26] <SooHok980> Oh, that sucks
[23:26] <DraProbst> as for Blinks
[23:26] <DraProbst> he was the #OneTrueG.od in China
[23:26] <DraProbst> but sadly also cannot come
[23:26] <SooHok980> Oh, that's unfortunate
[23:26] <DraProbst> we'll be seeing Joe again one day!
[23:26] <Mika__> when is this btw?
[23:26] <DraProbst> maybe
[23:26] <DraProbst> March 15th
[23:27] <Mika__> friday?
[23:27] <Mika__> .
[23:27] <SooHok980> Now, talk about the idols
[23:27] <SooHok980> Still the same?
[23:27] <SooHok980> Or any twist to shake things up?
[23:27] <SooHok980> Like the TylerPerryIdol
[23:27] * SooHok980 vomits
[23:28] <DraProbst> hi
[23:28] <DraProbst> one moment please
[23:28] <DraProbst> my laptop
[23:28] <DraProbst> is suiciding
[23:28] <DraProbst> like the dyingvirgin
[23:28] <SooHok980> k
[23:28] <SooHok980> SAVE EVERYTHING
[23:28] <SooHok980> PLS
[23:28] <Blonde> .
[23:28] <DraProbst> back~
[23:28] <DraProbst> no@mika
[23:28] <DraProbst> it is literally the second
[23:28] <DraProbst> the fifteenth is 13 days away
[23:28] <DraProbst> weeks are 7 days long

[23:28] <DraProbst> no it is not friday
[23:28] <DraProbst> ~
[23:29] <DraProbst> There is obviously a special idol!!!
[23:29] <SooHok980> :o
[23:29] <DraProbst> The ultimate idol is making a return!!!!
[23:29] <DraProbst> not really
[23:29] <DraProbst> that was a joke
[23:29] <DraProbst> hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
[23:29] <SooHok980> oh
[23:29] <SooHok980> bitch
[23:29] <SooHok980> IT WASN'T SORTA
[23:29] <DraProbst> The winner of the RI duel gives a clue to someone in the game
[23:29] <DraProbst> the person returning from RI gets a choice
[23:29] <DraProbst> they can have immunity and no idol
[23:29] <DraProbst> or no immunity and an idol
[23:29] <DraProbst> depending on how they feel they will fit in in the game
[23:29] <DraProbst> and
[23:29] <DraProbst> Speaking of choices
[23:30] <DraProbst> This is a game all about choices.
[23:30] <DraProbst> (are you there or are you dcing)
[23:30] <SooHok980> Interesting
[23:30] <DraProbst> hi!
[23:30] <SooHok980> So, we have two fans here
[23:30] <DraProbst> excuse me did I say I was done talking
[23:30] <DraProbst> this is a game about choices
[23:30] <SooHok980> FUCK YOU BITCH
[23:30] <DraProbst> just like in Survivor: Cagayan
[23:31] <DraProbst> the three tribes will elect a leader
[23:31] <SooHok980> coughripoffcough
[23:31] <SooHok980> :)
[23:31] <DraProbst> that leader will be told to select the weakest person in their tribe
[23:31] <DraProbst> as if it were tribal council
[23:31] <DraProbst> they pick the weakest person
[23:31] <SooHok980> coughsooriginalcough
[23:31] <DraProbst> the three weakest people are airlifted to camp
[23:31] <DraProbst> where they can choose Comfort or Survival
[23:31] *** Mika__ has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[23:31] <DraProbst> each one grants them a different option
[23:31] <DraProbst> what that option is
[23:31] <SooHok980> coughhowsoitsjustarpcough
[23:31] <DraProbst> is up to those people to find out
[23:32] <SooHok980> Nice

[23:32] <SooHok980> You done?
[23:32] <SooHok980> .
[23:32] <DraProbst> pretty much
[23:32] <SooHok980> .
[23:32] <SooHok980> ok
[23:32] <SooHok980> Our fan, Dylan
[23:32] <DraProbst> hi fan!!!
[23:32] <SooHok980> do you have any questions to Drew here?
[23:32] <Blonde> Hey.
[23:33] <DraProbst> .
[23:33] <Blonde> Are the interviews going to be held tonight? :)
[23:33] *** M__ has joined #SooDravivor
[23:33] <Blonde> .
[23:33] <DraProbst> over time
[23:33] <DraProbst> @blonde
[23:33] <SooHok980> that's it?
[23:33] <SooHok980> Anymore questions? @Fans
[23:33] <Blonde> No.
[23:33] <DraProbst> you fans SUCK
[23:34] <SooHok980> it's your fans idiot
[23:34] <Blonde> Also, who do you predict will go home first?
[23:34] <SooHok980> Soovyver fans are smart and classy
[23:34] <DraProbst> well
[23:34] <M__> can i ask?
[23:34] <DraProbst> three people will be on redemption island
[23:34] <SooHok980> hold on @M
[23:34] <Blonde> No. Of course not, nobody likes you.
[23:34] <Blonde> @Mika
[23:34] <DraProbst> I predict that Haigh, Sugar, and possibly even Zac would go to redemption first
[23:34] <DraProbst> in that case Haigh would lose and go home first
[23:34] <M__> (I'll auto lose at RI)
[23:35] <DraProbst> you have 15 minutes
[23:35] <DraProbst> per duel
[23:35] <DraProbst> to play the game and screenshot
[23:35] <DraProbst> you have time for at least one submission
[23:36] <M__> can i ask? :P
[23:36] <SooHok980> sure
[23:36] <DraProbst> yes
[23:36] <SooHok980> go on
[23:36] <M__> K..
[23:36] <SooHok980> QUICK
[23:36] <M__> What type of challenges? :P

[23:36] <DraProbst> a combination
[23:36] <DraProbst> luck
[23:36] <DraProbst> typing/speed
[23:36] <DraProbst> not many of those
[23:36] <DraProbst> puzzles
[23:36] <DraProbst> a combination of all three
[23:36] <M__> wil we see an auction?
[23:37] <DraProbst> the first challenge will be very difficult and includes all three
[23:37] <DraProbst> no @auctions
[23:37] <DraProbst> but you will see a family visit
[23:37] <M__> :(
[23:37] <SooHok980> :o
[23:37] <DraProbst> the first family visit in fact
[23:37] <M__> How would that work?
[23:37] <DraProbst> in Dravivor History
[23:37] <DraProbst> well
[23:37] *** Cameraman has joined #SooDravivor
[23:37] <DraProbst> as I stated earlier
[23:37] *** Cameraman has quit (Client Quit)
[23:37] <DraProbst> this is a game about choices
[23:37] <DraProbst> the family members
[23:37] <DraProbst> will compete in a challenge
[23:37] <DraProbst> the winning family member gives the other person immunity
[23:37] <Blonde> (By 'luck' challenges you mean ones like the bomb the house game and such?)
[23:37] <DraProbst> BUT
[23:37] <DraProbst> the winning person 
[23:38] <DraProbst> can take his loved one to tribal council for an extra vote
[23:38] <DraProbst> OR
[23:38] <DraProbst> that person can give up immunity and his/her loved one
[23:38] <DraProbst> and give everyone ELSE two votes
[23:38] <DraProbst> but
[23:38] <DraProbst> receive an idol
[23:38] <DraProbst> again you will need to weigh your position in the game.
[23:38] <DraProbst> as for Blonde's question
[23:38] <DraProbst> yes
[23:38] <M__> (will the fmily meember be the player?)
[23:39] <DraProbst> yes
[23:39] <M__> F2.. F3?
[23:39] <DraProbst> we'll see when we get there
[23:39] <DraProbst> primarily f3
[23:39] <M__> kk
[23:39] <DraProbst> any more questions

[23:39] <SooHok980> No?
[23:39] <DraProbst> next person to ask a question
[23:39] <SooHok980> Ok
[23:39] <DraProbst> gets a free pre game idol!
[23:40] *** Cameraman has joined #SooDravivor
[23:40] <SooHok980> Thank you for this amazing interview!
[23:40] <M__> :)
[23:40] <DraProbst> you're welcome@saw
[23:40] * Cameraman rubs penis on Soo
[23:40] <M__> you serious? xD
[23:40] <DraProbst> no
[23:40] <SooHok980> ...
[23:40] <SooHok980> OK
[23:40] <SooHok980> YOU DIDN'T SEE IT
[23:40] <SooHok980> I WAS VIOLATED
[23:40] <SooHok980> HUMILIATED
[23:40] <SooHok980> DEHUMANIZED
[23:40] <SooHok980> AND TOTALLY SPENT
[23:40] <SooHok980> IT WASN'T SORTA
[23:41] <SooHok980> IT WASN'T SORTA, DREW
[23:41] <SooHok980> I'M DONE AND I'M FUCKING SPENT
[23:42] <Blonde> .
[23:42] * DraProbst rubs penis on soo
[23:42] *** SooHok980 has quit (Quit: Public PJIRC @
[23:42] *** M__ has quit (Quit: Page closed)

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