Ranking Character Placing Seasons Reason
19 DyingVirgin
3rd Place Acre? She was horrible. She was creepy. All she did sex jokes and self-harming jokes, which aren't funny.
18 Meekah
7th Place Acre? She was really annoying, and a VERY bad parody.
17 Nibbler
8th Place Côte d'Ivoire Nibbler from Futurama is great. This one did nothing and self-voted off in the first tribal council.
16 Joan
(That Epic)
6th Place Côte d'Ivoire She also did nothing and self-voted in her first tribal council.
15 Annabel
7th Place Côte d'Ivoire She was fun, but OHF disappeared and then left, so I had to evacuate her.
14 NewFoo
10th Place Acre? I liked him, but sadly, he was the first boot. I didn't see enough of him to rank him higher.
13 DooKim
(Ashley Hikari)
9th Place Côte d'Ivoire She was a g.oddess. But then, she felt sick, and was evacuated before the game even began because she found out she was pregnant.
12 Allie
8th Place Acre? She was a good UTR parody, and I loved her saying something but then disappearing mid-sentence. I just like everyone above better.
11 Amber-Kate
9th Place Acre? She was hilarious. Sadly, she was the second boot. Wasted potential here.
10 Flower
(Avery FireFlame)
6th Place Acre? Flower was hilarious, and was very strategic. I loved her and I think she was r.obbed.
9 LollyPrincess
5th Place Côte d'Ivoire She was a great parody of a certain character that isn't very well-liked. ;\ And she was a great parody. She was annoying, and she had an annoying plot story that no one cared about, and she had a gigantic ego, just like the original character/the player.
8 VomitPrincess
3rd Place Côte d'Ivoire She was hilarious. Her hating her sister because she's awful, and her being sick about everything and vomiting everytime was really funny. Gross, but still funny.
7 Aponte
Winner Acre? Aponte was a really funny character, and a great strategic player. I loved when he was dominating the challenges pre-merge and was all cocky about it. Just a great character, and I'm glad I had a great winner in my first RP.
6 Brendon
4th Place Côte d'Ivoire He was hilarious. He was so dumb and conceited, and his interactions with Looo/Mike were great as well.
5 LadyHamsbury
5th Place Acre? She was hilarious. I loved her, and people calling her "Lady Hamburger". And of course, her amazing FTC speech. Lady and Her Majesty for Soovyver: Blood vs Water!
4 LoooKim
(Ashley Hikari)
Runner-Up Côte d'Ivoire Looo was amazing! Her being kind of a bitch, and her trying to prove herself that she was better than her sister, So Kim. And then, her being a challenge beast, her interactions with Brendon/Mike/Vomit, until she had to betray Brendon and lost the game because of that. I loved her.
3 Anita
4th Place Acre? She was awesome. Her Feminazism was hilarious, and the TC where she was idol'ed out was amazing. And then voting for Aponte to win, even though he was a man, and she hated men but she hated Losa more.
2 MeninistMike
Winner Côte d'Ivoire He was a g.od. His manly-man, bro, womanizer personality, and threating women like shit then being upset that women "never want the nices guys". His frenemieship with Looo and his friendship with Brendon were amazing too, and he was just a hilarious character.
1 Losangelesgirl
Runner-Up Acre? She was my favorite from the beggining. She was a hilarious, OTTN trainwreck. She made several power plays this season, and played not only one but two idols (one which was given to her), and my two favorites tribal councils were caused by her. She was just a g.oddess overall.


Ranking Season Season Number Reason
2 Côte d'Ivoire 2 It was a great Roleplay. The cast had some amazing people, and all the good people outlasted the duds (I loved everyone in the final 5). It also had many iconic moments, like DooKim's evacuation, LollyPrincess' Candyland war, Brendon and Looo's relationship and Looo backstabbing him, Mike and Looo's frenemieship, and others. Sadly, there were 3 completely INV characters that died (leaving to a medevac and 2/5 of the people voted out self voting out of the game), but thankfully, they were gone early, allowing the true stars to shine, and the RP being great.
1 Acre? 1 Acre? was amazing! Everyone in the cast delivered (some in a bad way, like DV and Meekah) at least a little bit, and it had so many amazing characters, and that's exactly why it was so great, the cast was perfect, and they created many amazing moments. It was a really awesome RP, and everyone who played enjoyed it, and I'm glad that my first RP was a success.

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