SpaceNigs was a contestant in Ovivor: India. He was known for aggressive swearing and homophobia, lowbrow humor, and making a video called josh vs gary colman. 

Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Place 7th?
Friends Billy Mays, Marina
Enemies LyndonBJohnson
Actor Thebiggesttdifan

SpaceNigs's videoEdit

At the jury, SpaceNigs showed the jury his video, josh vs. gary colman. Witnesses transcribed it as such:

josh: oh my god its gary colman

gary: my grills are amazing yo

josh: oh yeah? oh yeah? ohyeahohyeahOOOOOOOHYEEEEEAH? my grills are fuckin FLYYYYYYYYYYYY

gary: watchoo talkin bout JOOOOOOSH PECK

josh: *pause* LITTLE

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