Character Season User Days Lasted
Ryan Daniels Rome Thebiggesttdifan 3
Betty Stevenson Rome Avery FireFlame 4
Jason Rodgers Rome ThatEpic 6
Norman Rome Avery FireFlame 9
George Peters Rome Sunslicer2 12
Toh Rome EnTrey 15
Angelica Pickles Rome KoopaKidJr. 18
Ronald Rome Nalyd Renrunt 18
Jamez New Zealand Mister.. E 3
DJ New Zealand Reddude 6
Scampi New Zealand Sunslicer2 9
Shalise New Zealand NDuke 12
Crystal Cox New Zealand RainbowJack 12
Mickle Pickle New Zealand COKEMAN11 15
Jenzie New Zealand Toadgamer80 18
McKenna New Zealand NateNJ14 21
Jakira Jackson New Zealand LongLiveLion 24
Nidoqueen New Zealand ShadowGeoff 24
Xavier Begrund Baja Blast BrunoSomebody 3
Missy Payne Baja Blast Ashley Hikari 1
Vince Sly Baja Blast COKEMAN11 6
SuperWholock_Fan Baja Blast Thebiggesttdifan 9
Ethan Aiello Baja Blast Sunslicer2 12
"Jake" Baja Blast 1dra7 15
Hiyoko Saioji Baja Blast ??? 18
Sonia Nevermind Baja Blast Blondieee 21
Junko Enoshima Baja Blast Ginga Ninja Jack 21


  • Sunny has been the only user to compete in every SpaceVivor so far.
  • New Zealand was actually disguised as a season of Redvivor so that people would participate.
    • In fact DJ from New Zealand, played by Reddy, was only in the competition to mimic how I play RPs in order to make sure no one would suspect anything.
  • There was a season between New Zealand and Baja Blast that was originally going to be SpaceVivor Russia, however, after being ravaged by spamming/quitting it has since been reffered to as SpaceVivor Abomination and has been removed from the main cannon.
    • SG actually won Abomination as JERemiah Wood and had the season counted SG would've been the first to win two seasons of SpaceVivor and the first to win back to back seasons.
  • Fire played two characters in Rome simply so the season could get to eight competitiors, and after the first vote he quit with one of them to make it fair.
  • The longest season of SpaceVivor was New Zealand which went for 24 days, coincidentally it also has the longest name.
  • Missy Payne has had by far the shortest stay in SpaceVivor, only lasting one day; she both debuted and quit right after the first vote.

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