Ranking Character Season Placing Reason Rating
17 Madison Firevivor:  North Pole 6th Madison was pretty bitchy, and also seemingly boring. All she really did was moan and complain, and the host pretty much hated her, so I can't really rank her that high. She was fun to play in the beginning, but then she just dragged on and I kinda got bored with her. 2/10
16 Yvonne Firevivor:  Brazil 6th Yvonne was a fun concept- a cow that went really UTR and did nothing. And she was fun in the beginning, but she got really boring. She did have some good jokes, though, so that's why she ranks above Madison. 3/10
15  Coco Dravivor: Lost Islands 4th Coco was fun for about ten minutes, but then she became sort of bland, and even repetitive at times. I felt like she was often out of character, or at least not how I envisioned her to be. 4/10
14  Yellow Pikmin Redvivor: Australia 11th Yellow Pikmin was pretty fun to play. He was pretty much a sheep to anyone who talked to him, which made him fun to play. However, he went out REALLY early, and so I can't rank him too high. 4/10
13  Lez B. Anne Epicvivor: Egypt  7th Lez B. Anne was amazing. She was rude, nasty, and mean. She tried to strategize but failed really hard at it, but she went out too early to rank highly. 5/10
12  Audrey RedSurvivor: 1 6th Audrey was a fun character to play, and she was a hardcore strategist. She was extremely loyal, and eventually that loyalty caused her to get out. She was eliminated from purple rocks, and even though she was a bit of a strategy bot at times, she MUST rank highly because of that.  6/10
11  Marty CKvivor: Singapore 12th Despite being the 3rd boot, Marty was extremely fun to play. He was really OTTN, but also very strategic (sort of). He would just yell at people and tell them who to vote, and refused to twerk. His dignity ultimatelty ended up being his downfall and he was eliminated for being a threat, being annoying, and sucking at challenges. 7/10
10  Genevieve  Ovivor: El Salvador 4th Genevieve was a fan-favorite of the host, and she was a good idea for a character. I thought it over, and originally she was ranked MUCH lower, but then I remembered I LOVED playing her, and she was very complex.  8/10
9  Barry Dravivor: Tahiti 5th Barry was really fun to play for me. He started out as an UTR sheep, and then became very CP when he decided to try and do something. However, his sheepness eventually was his downfall when he gave up immunity and was voted out right after by the person he gave immunity to. He was fun to play, and while he wasn't the most entertaining character, I really enjoyed him. 8/10
8  Aponte Soovyver: Acre? 1st Aponte was fun to play. He was really snide and elitist, but also very loyal to his team. He was also the only guy on his team (one of two in the cast), and even though he was always placed on the same tribe as a raging feminist, he managed to survive. Finally, he was able to just manipulate everyone to make it to the final three, where he did a heroic act and took out the "villain" of the season. From there, he won, and managed to get the vote of the feminist that had hated him earlier on. 8/10
7  Vanessa Firevivor:  Namibia 1st Vanessa was a decent character, and a great strategist. She was good physically, and fun to play. However, in Firevivor she was considered a borewhore and therefore I can't rank her too highly, but she was much better in Japan, and that's why she's as high as she is. 8/10
Epicvivor: Japan 1st
6  Tia Firevivor: Season 1 2nd Tia was an amazing character. She was deaf, and so she sucked completely at challenges, but was extremely funny when doing so. When people were screaming numbers (and low numbers), she asked if they were guessing Fire's penis size. She was just really lulzy, but ultimately, she annoyed a lot of people. 9/10
5  Basil Dravivor: Latvia 7th Basil was a really OTTN character that basically just found idol and after idol and annoyed the hell out of everyone. In Dravivor, he found 2 idols pre-merge, won individual immunity and kept himself safe at the 2nd tribal council where he cost his tribe the challenge, and in both seasons misplayed his idol and got sent home because of it. He was OTTN, mean, and lulzy.  9/10
Ovivor: Turkey 9th
4  Sarah Redvivor: China 4th Sarah was an underdog (in my opinion) and the fact that she was made her much more fun to play. She got the short end of the stick most of the time, and repeatedly voted for Cole every tribal. Once Cole went out, she was voted out right after and while she didn't win, I felt like her getting voted out completed her story and made more sense for her as a character.  9/10
3  Yejide Firevivor: Redemption Island 10th *SWAYS* So, I really, really, really love Yejide because she's so OTT and funny. She's poetic, even though her poems are often sexual and terrible. It seems like a lot of people love her because of this, and while she seems like an obvious first choice, there's on reason why I can't rank her higher. In Firedvivor, yes, she was AMAZING, but she wasn't the first boot... And while it was great having her around, being a first boot twice would have made her story more complete. 9/10
Firedvivor: Reddy's Redos vs. Fire's Failures 6th
2  Gia Redvivor: Panama 1st Gia was such an OTTN trainwreck. Despite being a drunken, unlikable mess she managed to pull off a win. She was sent to Exile Island, like, 3 times, and managed to find a fake idol. She played the idol, and then said the game was rigged against her. She went on to win the FIC somehow, and take out her biggest rival. Then, she told off ALL of the jurors, and managed to tie for the most amount of votes, and then gained the final winning vote from someone she had NEVER talked to. Overall, her win was hilarious and ironic, and I loved playing her. 10/10
1  Cherie Firevivor: Gabon 6th Oh my gosh.... Cherie was just AMAZING. She started out very INV, and people begin to forget about her. Then, they started calling her by different names. That's when things just got amazing. She had an extreme meltdown, which was SO fun to do. Then, when she got an idol from the auction, her mother spelled her name wrong and she had ANOTHER meltdown. If those two meltdowns weren't enough, she finally snapped and played her idol on TMZ to take Charlie out, only to be taken out herself. As she was voted out, even the host said her name wrong. Her plot was just AMAZING, and she ranks first for SO many reasons.  10/10

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