Some Attributes
First Co-Runner Up of Redvivor: India.
Second Dominated the game with her best friend Poussey.
Third "Get it, T!" "Thanks, P!"
Other Attributes
Fourth Received 0 Jury votes.

Taystee was a contestant in Redvivor: India. She is most remembered for being in a power duo with her friend Poussey, blindsiding Sexygirlxo, and losing to Kris in a 5-0-0 blowout.



Redvivor: IndiaEdit

Taystee's Voting History
Day Taystee's
Voted Against
3 Mambok Tribe Immune
6 Mambok Tribe Immune
9 Melli Melli, Tinsley
12 Mambok Tribe Immune
15 Winona -
18 Sexygirlxo -
21 Carpe-Diem Individual Immunity
24 Melisandre Individual Immunity
26 Tinsley -
Jury Votes
for Taystee
Runner-Up, Day 27


  • She was played by CK.

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