In order of appearance.

Some forgotten characters I found:

  • Snooki - Firevivor: Cancelled - 1st Place
  • Fanta - Epicvivor: Cancelled? - 7th Place (quit)
  • CarlyRae - Some 1 shot RP that was cancelled - 6th Place?


Ranking Character Season Explanation
Never Speak of These Again
20th Juanita Bathtub Mikavivor: Canada

Juanita Bathtub was a failed attept to parody desperate housewives. I watch too much daytime television.

19th Cazzie Ovivor: Faroe Islands Cazzie was again, another failed parody. But the Streymoy 3 alliance was hilarious. Without that play, she was easily one of my worst characters to date.
18th AnnoyingTeenHipster Epicvivor: Cancel Islands Annoying Teen Hipster was...basically a generic teen hipster, apart from she became pushy and started bossing people around. She was a relatively early boot and I woke up the following day to find out the RP cancelled half way through (sun).
17th Daniella Dravivor: Shifting Islands My first roleplay character, ironically she ended up having the same name as Dra's character in his avatar. Overall she was a pretty boring character, nothing special about her, nothing negative about her too.
16th Tameria Iris Firevivor: Brazil Tameria Iris was the nice girl of the Roleplay, I really did enjoy the roleplay overall, just wished I picked a better character than her to play as. She's a parody of an X Factor contestant who I idolised at the time. 
15th Sargent Major Dravivor: Cambodia Sargent was a weird character from the get go, he was the stereotypical drill sargent and he portrayed that well, but not a lot of effot was but into him, he ended up second somehow and was robbed by BB's existance. 
14th Amber-Kate Kilton Soovyver: Acre? The original Amber Kate <3. She didn't live up to my expectations though considering she was the second boot in the season, but she had wasted potential. 

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