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Rank Castaway Season(s) Reasons
Epicvivor: Midway Island (Co-Runner-Up)
Epicvivor: Fans vs. Favorites (Runner-Up)
Epicvivor: Heroes vs. Villains (Runner-Up)
Fritz is, even to this very day, probably the best character I've ever played. Coming into the RP he was kind of a quickly made character who was a parody of Kevvy. I actually remember MrE's line of "oh god someone's playing Kevvy" in main chat. And... he actually ended up being really funny, and the first RP he was in is still one of my favorites ever. Being extremely perverted as well as mimicking the exact way Kevvy talked was extremely enjoyable. He also somehow became randomly a fan favorite and made it to the finals... thrice. He didn't win any of the seasons (the third one actually pissed me off though) but that's perfectly fine, since he's the biggest joke character I've ever played. And then there's the fact that I was actually able to host a spin-off RP as him, Fritzvivor: My Mom's Basement, which was one of the strangest RPing experiences I've ever had (it really didn't even seem real), as well as the fact that he's technically a four-time player thanks to Wil Floorman existing. All in all, I never got tired of playing Fritz and he's for sure the most entertaining character I've ever played.
Redvivor: Hawaii (Sole Survivor)
Redvivor: All-Stars (Runner-Up)
Marianne was seriously amazing to play. Out of all my snarker characters, she pulled it off better than anyone else. Her interactions with everyone, from WhiterunGuard to Marisa to Jack, were extremely entertaining to play and making obscure references as well as making fun of things such as Kat's breast implants were all pretty enjoyable things to do. Her winning was perfect too, since I hadn't won a Redvivor before and especially since she hadn't won any challenges, tribal or individual. Also, apparently every Tribal she voted for the person who went home? That's kind of amazing. As for All-Stars, she was just as good but I was really bummed that she didn't win because it prevented the first Sandra in a roleplay and would have been a perfect end to her storyline, as great of a winner as Ezekiel was. Also, the fact that she won a challenge made me kind of sad and ruined her legacy. :( But even despite these small flaws, Marianne is still an awesome character, and I don't think she'll return for any other RPs because her storyline is basically complete.
Ovivor: Fans vs. Favorites (6th) This character was AMAZING and had an awesome story arc. I'm still in awe that any of it really happened. He was my second character based on a Mario & Luigi: Dream Team character in Ovivor, and somehow managed to deliver more than Big Massif. Playing an "antagonist" was really fun because I got to be a douche to people in PM but for some reason didn't get out early. Also, turning the entire tribe against random people and the interactions Antasma had with Leafy, etc. were really enjoyable, but obviously the highlight was his boot, where he played an idol on Nekci, negating all votes except Nekci's... which was a vote for him. The fact that they were aligned the whole game and then she betrayed him right when he thought he was playing her was EXACTLY like Bowser and Antasma's storyline in the actual Mario game, and I'm so glad that the storyline was reproduced, completely unintentionally too. Antasma is basically dead (he exploded, I think) and I wouldn't want to play him in another RP because he probably has THE greatest story arc out of all of my characters.
Redvivor: Egypt (4th) So, before Redvivor: Egypt started, I was conflicted on who to be and kept switching between Cristina and Frogplayer60, who was a self-parody (note: self-parodies are not very fun) and I'm very, very glad I stuck with Cristina. So she was basically some woman who acted all 1900s-y (thanks to my recent habit at the time - that still hasn't entirely passed - of watching copious amounts of Postmodern Jukebox videos) and classy and flirty to all the guys, including ReddyProbst, and just the fact that she had a showmance with the host of the season is amazing on its own. Her interactions with Avery were also great, with her passive-aggressiveness about his recent breakup, which led to a romance, and then their feud and her repeatedly calling him salty. The best thing about Cristina is obviously her immunity streak, where she won four immunities in a row, which is cool for me since I'm usually fairly shitty at challenges (I think that was more than Marianne won in the span of two seasons, actually) and it was just the thing I needed to make her character go from pretty damn decent tbh to godly. Obviously, she was sadly booted the second she lost immunity, but I enjoyed it while it lasted. Cristina is now currently biding her time and lying in wait for another Redvivor season that she can return in, but even if Egypt is her only season, she was still an A+ character. <3
Luna Lovegood
Ovivor: India (Sole Survivor) It was only a matter of time before I played Luna Lovegood in an RP, and I don't think I disappointed. I first ended up playing her in Firevivor: Area 51, which was canceled halfway through (thanks Fire) but I loved playing her so much that I decided to bring her back for an actual RP. As a winner, I think she was my best winner (or tied with Marianne, at least) just due to her journey. She was never really on top, didn't really have many allies, talked in a strange manner, and was also based on one of my favorite characters from any sort of media. I just loved Luna's interactions with everyone, she was a really great character to play and making Harry Potter references was actually really entertaining, and her win was extremely satisfying. Part of me wishes Ovivor HvV happened and the series wasn't rebooted, only so I could play as Luna again, but I doubt I'd be able to do her justice at this point. My memories of Ovivor: India are beginning to fade, but I still remember Luna being extremely great.
Igor Korotayev
Ovivor: Venezuela (3rd) I actually have to give O credit for thinking of the idea to play Igor, and what an amazing idea it was. Igor's whole schtick, much like the Survivor Sucks troll he was based on, was to speak in broken English, say bizarre things about topics including (but not limited to) his doggie Chip Chip, his best friends Max Dawnsen and Sherrin, and to hit on women in a strange fashion and repeatedly say "ah ah ah." It was hilarious, and honestly I don't even think I ran out of material once throughout the entire RP. It helped that Reddy was playing Kelley Wentworth, who Igor is a huge fan of, because that opened the door for tons of fun interactions. I think the high point of the Igor experience was when Max Dawnsen appeared for the loved ones visit, since that scene basically spoke for itself. Add all that to the fact that I had to go AFK like thrice because I was having a very... um, heated phone conversation during the RP, and still made it to the final 3 despite not trying in challenges at all and barely making alliances, and I feel like Igor was one of the most fun characters I've ever played. I still can't get over my vicious robbage at the hands of Matt, but whatever, Igor will return in AS and (hopefully) bumblefuck his way to the end once more.
Crimson & Ennui
Friends & Foes 2: Monaco (3rd) Playing Crimson & Ennui was a pretty new experience, considering it was the first RP I played while at college (and multitasking), and I was also two people at once, but it was totally worth it. They mostly talked to each other and occasionally creeped out the other contestants, and I loved coming up with really weird, monotone, morbid shit for them to say. I didn't expect to last too long, but I ended up getting 3rd despite not really winning anything the whole time and being mostly silent/blinking/staring menacingly with the occasional weird line. It was overall pretty amazing, and maybe I can return for AS with more new material if it's post-RR. :O
Ovivor: Ireland (Sole Survivor) Bowser was the first character who I won as since Marianne in Redvivor: Hawaii (which happened in December 2013) and I'm so glad I won as him, since he was hilarious. Before the RP, MrE and I decided to play Bowser and Kamek, and I'm not sure if the fact that Princess Peach was also in the RP was a coincidence or not, but it ended up to be great. I mainly took inspiration from the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series' portrayals of Bowser, where he's more of a bumbling fail villain, so throughout the RP, Bowser basically did exactly what you'd expect - stomped around, terrorized others (mostly Princess Peach), forced Kamek to do his dirty work, and tried to do evil deeds and strategize but failed miserably, and it was all extremely fun to play. Then halfway through, he had this strange showmance with Audrey Middleton once Peach got voted out, which just added another bizarre layer to Bowser's character. He also found a strangely high number of idols (maybe two? eh, that's more than I usually get) and thwarted an attempt to blindside him. I loved getting to the F2 with Kamek, it just felt ~right~ in a way, and I'm glad it was such a close vote too since it created suspense and whatnot. Bowser was a really fun character, and I'm glad I was finally able to win another season.
Epicvivor: Malaysia (5th) Popple was the third Mario & Luigi character that I had played in an RP, and at first I didn't even really want to play, but thank god I did, because this character ended up being pretty much amazing. Basically, Popple's character was that he thought of himself as a Master Thief so he went around stealing things, trying to be a mastermind and failing, and finding "Rookies" to help him with his scheming in PM. I really loved the PMs I had with Dakota, and she was an awesome "Rookie" for Popple. I also loved the way he talked, really, and he was a character who I thought would get old but never really did. The one thing I'm upset about is that Popple got out at 5th place after being so close to getting to the endgame over a character who really did nothing, but eh, I really enjoyed Popple while he lasted and I'm glad all of my video game characters have been successes because RPing as existing, defined characters tends to be pretty difficult for me.
Eliza NewOrlins
Ovivor: El Salvador (3rd)
Ovivor: All-Stars (Runner-Up)
Out of all my Survivor parody characters, Eliza is by far the best. I perfected her personality and she was just really enjoyably paranoid, just like Eliza’s real personality. Her dynamics with other characters just completed her character and despite getting robbed in both of her seasons, she contributed a lot to Ovivor: All-Stars being one of the best RPs ever. But the Eliza/Judd F2 was a thing of beauty and she was overall a great character.
Rupert Boneham

Redvivor: New Zealand (5th)

When New Zealand happened, it had been a very, very long time since I had last played a Survivor character in an RP, but after browsing Rupert's fucking hilarious Twitter feed and the various posts on Reddit/Sucks parodying it, it was inevitable. So while playing Rupert, I combined average RupertTweets (such as "When Jeff talks during the challenges, it is very distracting. It's great for the viewer, but adds another layer of challenge. #Survivor") with typical references to Rupert's time on the show, such as gushing over his wife Laura (who got confused for Ciera's mom multiple times, which was hilarious), building an undergrown shelter that almost killed everyone, adopting a snake named Balboa, and of course "WHO THE HELL VOTED FOR ME?!". I was beginning to worry that nobody was going to vote for me and that I wasn't going to be able to use that scene, but thank god I was actually able to. The best part about playing Rupert, honestly, was when he got voted out in 5th place and I said "So much for my dreams." Amazing.

Redvivor: China (8th)
Redvivor: Japan - Second Chances (10th)

So, the day that Redvivor: China occurred, I went to a Whale Club trip and, like every time I go to any sort of non-school social event, I met girls. So when I came home and there was an RP, I decided to name my character after the g.oddessier one of said girls, and even though the RP character was nothing like her (I barely even remember the original Christine at this point, and mostly just think of my college friend of the same name any time I mention her now) she seriously delivered. Basically I used the ^_^ archetype and took it up to eleven, and it was just really fun to have her act all sweet and whatnot and get really emotional about little things. And oh god, her relationship with Cole was amazing. For sure one of the highlights of the roleplay, and when she refused to eliminated him and instead went to rocks, then was rocked herself, it was just all really great and she's a worthy addition to my pantheon of awesome Redvivor characters. I didn't enjoy playing her as much in Redvivor: Japan, mainly because she was kind of boring due to not really having a plot and she got voted out earlier, but her China incarnation will forever be iconic.
Big Massif
Ovivor: Vietnam (4th) For this character, I referenced one of the standout characters of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, which I had recently purchased. He was a Russian creature, who would constantly spit out references to “BEEF!” and “HUGE HAMS!” and was extremely entertaining to play. I think his jokes got a bit old by the time he got out but he was awesome. He also had a showmance with Amanda Zuckerman, which... I think speaks for itself.
Epicvivor: Gabon (3rd) lol
Ronnie Radke
Redvivor: Redemption Island (5th) Ronnie was a character who I had really been wanting to play for a while, since I had tried my hand at lots of OTTN females but OTTN males were pretty rare for me. Basically I went in and acted like a total asshole to everyone, and one of my favorite parts of playing Ronnie was creating an all-female alliance called the #BadGirlsClub. He then grossly flirted with most of the girls there, and I really liked the PM conversations I had as him (sadly I disconnected and lost all of them except for Randy's ;-;) because I hadn't really played a character like that ever before. Ronnie was also my first Redvivor character to be a male, to get voted out, to get more than one vote in the entire game, and to not vote correctly for the majority of the game. So, definitely a different kind of character for me. I still think he delivered, though, and I loved his abrasiveness, repeated Bad Girls Club references, hitting on every single female and refusing to date Randy, and especially throwing torches at the crowd on his way out.
Epicvivor: Cameroon (4th)
Epicvivor: All-Stars (5th)
Laurianne is an... interesting character, since she is based on someone who I know in real life and really did not like at the time I played her. I really wanted to play a parody of her in an RP because I'm petty and like making fun of people I don't like she's a very easy person to parody. And, I was REALLY lucky in the fact that Matt decided to play as NakedToad, so just like in real life, Laurianne had a murderous vendetta against NakedToad and it was absolutely glorious to play. When she returned in All-Stars with NakedToad, I also thought she was pretty fun to play, but NakedToad got out early and so she kind of petered out near the end, but she also had screaming matches with pretty much half the cast, including Derk, which was amazing.
Dravivor: Tahiti (7th) So I was originally going to be Lily Allen in this RP (which is the only Dravivor I was ever in!) but figured that if I was going to be a pop culture character, it had to be someone from Katzenjammer. Turid was grumpy and basically hated everyone, even though her IRL counterpart seems like a pleasant person (basically the completely opposite of Bella) and her showmance with Alfonso was by far the best part of her character. At this point, though, everyone had known about Katzenjammer's existence so the obscure references I perfected with Marianne were a lot harder.
Redvivor: Easter Island (Runner-Up) Roy was a character who was mostly based on Roy Koopa, but I also took some inspiration from Roy Orbison music (of course). Basically, his whole schtick was that he was a manly tough guy on the outside, but was actually a huge softie and would have romantic dreams and gush in the confessional about various women who were also in the season. I feel like Roy should've been a lot better of a character than he was, and I liked playing him - I'm pretty sure the main reason for this was just that it seems to be universally agreed on that Redvivor: Easter Island was "Who?" personified as an RP, and strangely really forgettable. Like, there were whole aspects of Roy that I forgot about until I looked at the blog (did you know he won 3 immunities after the merge? I... didn't either). So, overall he was a pretty fun character, but also pretty low-key and forgettable.
Goldie BIoXXX
Ovivor: Manchuria (5th) Goldie/Monica/whatever, who was based on a particularly terrifying roller derby player I know, kind of went around and threatened people with death in PM if they betrayed her. She also just did random, scary shit, all while being super cheery and adding smiley faces to the end of her sentences. So, all in all, a pretty fun character to play, but she was kind of just a beta Laurianne, and wasn't AS good.
Firevivor: Robot Pirate Island (5th) My stereotypical "Tumblr girl" character. Diamond was a completely last-minute character but I actually had some fun playing her, it was cool throwing in random references to obscure things (but more characters I had later perfected the art of the obscure references) and talking completely in lowercase. I think she was also randomly a challenge beast? I don’t remember.
CKSurvivor: Singapore (2nd) I had wanted to play Lil B in an RP very badly, and I think I did as much with the character as I could have. Basically I browsed his twitter and posted completely random stuff, he talked about how he loved everyone in the world, overused the phrase "based" and made strange, obscure references, signing every single one of his posts with "- Lil B" even voting confessionals. I'm glad he didn't win because he was an extreme joke character, but definitely fun to play.
Ovivor: Faroe Islands (4th)
Rejectvivor: Australia (6th)
Nautica was an intriguing character. She was based on OHF's middle school girlfriend, and so obviously she harassed jeffprObst's PM almost the entire RP. She was a pretty basic character, and didn't really interact much with the others (except Romantico, who she flirted with a LOT) and was kind of a "Topher"-esque character, but I liked her.
Mary Sartain
Redvivor: Panama (Second Runner-Up) I played Mary as a complete joke character but I guess people like her. While she was a pretty okay character, I feel like she’s very overrated. I mean, she's pretty fun just because of the meme, but she’s just a completely invisible character who randomly made it to the end and actually almost won, which is actually pretty lulzy.
Survivor: IRC Island (Sole Survivor) The one who started it all. Wolfgang was the very first winner of the “Golden Age” of RPs, which is funny because I’ve kinda been known for winning RPs so it’s fitting that the first winner is one of my characters. Wolfgang himself was a carbon copy of the character with the same name from my stories. I normally love writing for Wolfgang, and I think his RP character was no exception, and he mostly places this high due to nostalgia.
Firevivor: Redemption Island (Sole Survivor)
Firevivor: Blood vs. Water (Second Runner-Up)
Kass was a good winner in RI, though I feel kind of bad because MrE’s character Chef Bobby had won tons of immunities and Kass didn’t do much, I was barely even invested in the RP and only won because GOD tilted the jury in Kass’s favor. But his friendship with GOD was great and he was overall a pretty good snarker character, I wish he had become a Sandra in BvW but somehow was a jury goat. Out of my characters who have played more than once he’s for sure my least favorite, but on his own he’s a pretty awesome character.
Naked Probst
Epicvivor: Egypt (3rd) For a loud, obnoxious OTT character, I think Probst worked. He basically posted all in caps and constantly had sex with Dawson. I definitely could have parodied Probst’s other aspects more (which I definitely will if he ever returns) but he was pretty enjoyable.
Rejectvivor: Australia (10th) Probst slaughter! So this was my first (and so far only) Rejectvivor, and I believe it was BvW-themed, which is why I had Nautica return with jeffprObst, who was basically just supposed to be OHF. So, naturally, I posted autOcorrects, gushed over Asian women, and acted generally O-esque. He was fun, but also a very low-effort character, AND he also got egregiously robbed.
Sir Toby
Ovivor: Turkey (Runner-Up) Playing Shakespeare characters in RPs is EXTREMELY hard, as shown by CK’s Lady Macbeth who died very early on, as well as my Sir Toby, who went UTR midway through the RP due to me completely running out of ideas. I eventually revived him for the FTC, but his slump in the middle was enough to put him this low. Although, I really did enjoy his strange bromance with Tom TDWI and their lack of effort throughout the entire RP.
Trekkie Monster
Epicvivor: Cursed Islands (Co-Runner-Up) This was right after I had seen Avenue Q, so I had tons of fresh ideas for this character. I thought he was pretty fun to play for the first few rounds, actually. However, he infamously fizzled out near the end and basically turned into a borewhore with Cockman. He was awesome for the first half, though, which is why he ends up here and not lower.
Ovivor: Brazil (Runner-Up) I strangely like Bronte even though O dislikes her. Brazil is commonly known to be the worst Ovivor season because two borewhores were the final two, but I loved playing Bronte, weirdly. For one, she was another character in that book series I mentioned in Prudence’s write-up, but I toned down the bitchiness. Also, it was just kind of refreshing to play a completely normal character, but everyone above her has some sort of personality, so...
Epicvivor: Cursed Islands (Winner) Totoro was a half-assed character, he just made Totoro noises and posted emotes, but somehow won. Trekkie > him, in general, but Trekkie turned extremely stale at the end so I don’t mind Totoro’s win. I also loved his friendship with Sabrina. (Fritz’s > his, though.)
Survivor: IRC Desert (Winner) The second of the three characters I won 3 Nalyd RPs in a row with. He was a combination of Eddie from Survivor: India (remember him?) and what I thought Eddie from Caramoan would be like. (lol) He was okay, I think he was my first snarker character.
Jaxvivor 1 (5th) Carter basically talked like a stoner and acted dumb, just like the real Carter Williams. Fun character to play but I kind of ran out of material over time. I looked at the Jaxvivor records recently, though, and Carter was actually hilarious. He said disturbing, inappropriate things, but they were somehow funny. Not sure why.
Will Floorman
Epicvivor: Japan (13th) Well… it was Fritz. Who sexually harassed an actual Kevvy character, and (of course) talked just like him so nobody knew if Kevvy was playing 2 characters or what. He then was the first voted off (like I planned) and the reveal of him being Fritz was awesome, it also makes Fritz a fourpeat, which is the most WTF thing ever but kinda hilarious. But other than that, he was very minor and I just put him there for a mindfuck in the first few minutes of the RP.
Dukevivor 1 (5th) I kinda liked Prudence, if I remember correctly, but she was a generic bitchy girl (fitting for a Duke-hosted RP) and the RP was so long ago that I remember little to nothing about her character. I did base her on this amazing character from a book series I like, though, which is cool. My version wasn't nearly as good though.
Firevivor: Blood vs. Water (6th) If I play IRL people in roleplays, I’ve realized it can never be friends of mine because I’ll portray them horribly. Bella in the Firevivor world was a perpetually ^_^ character, meant to balance out the negative/snarky Kass. However, Bella in the real world is pretty much negative/snarky herself, and also a g.oddess, so I felt like I didn't do justice to her. But she really didn’t do anything else other than balance out Kass. For sure my least favorite out of my ^_^/MORPGirl characters.
Cole Bickers
Epicvivor: Egypt (4th) I was playing two characters in this (the other being the obviously superior Probst) and so I didn’t really put much effort into this guy. He was I think a parody of a noob/douche, Talking Like Thisss (: but he really didn’t do much and was EXTREMELY forgettable. Though I do love how the final five was two of Bruno’s characters, two of my characters, and Jax. I also love that I named him after someone QOS mentioned to me in PM that she had a crush on like four years ago, and I don't know how I remembered that.
Corinnetney Yates
Survivor: IRC Hollywood (Sole Survivor) My third winner in a row in Nalyd’s RP series. My characters kind of deteriorated over time, also according to CK Corinnetney was basically just me. So that’s kind of cool, but whatever. Really couldn't care less about this character.
Firevivor: Redemption Island (8th) This character was pandering to TBTDIF, by combining his favorite Survivors into one. I guess they (I don't even know what gender to classify this character as) were okay but apparently kind of a borewhore? IDK, Brettyson was out pre-merge and I tried to return from RI but I was also playing Kass, so I didn’t even try in the final duel. The only thing about Brettyson I remember was the spontaneous transformation into BrettysonAposkippa which was funny, but not enough to bring him/her/them/whatever any higher.
SurCOKEr: The Philippines (Sole Survivor) I remember nothing about this character. I think he was a borewhore who used toilet humor or something, but either way, he was pretty boring. And won, somehow. In the only surCOKEr season ever.
Jaxvivor 1 (Sole Survivor) Another one of my borewhores who won. I was obviously pandering to Jax due to him having recently seen Vanuatu and loving Bubba for some reason, and I didn’t really do anything other than talk in a Southern accent and repeat lines Bubba said in the show. You know, there’s really only so much you can work with with a pre-merge Survivor boot, but whatever.
Mr. Bigglesworth
Firevivor: Ecuador (3rd) Oh god, this character was atrocious, even Fire himself admits that. For one, this RP was on a school night (thanks Fire) and knowing me, I needed sleep. So due to being ridiculously tired throughout the entire thing, I put no effort into this character. He was a cat, and that was it, he then went completely UTR and quit at the final 3 because I was fucking tired as hell. AWESOME character, right?!

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