# Castaway User Season(s) Placement(s)
71 Jim Webb NateNJ14 Jamaica 11th
I'm sorry, Nate, you do have some good characters (John Kenzington comes to mind, he was fun) but what the fuck is this? Basically all Jim Webb did was complain to me in PM about how shitty his character was, then ask to be voted out at the first tribal council, effectively removing any sort of suspense from the vote. At least he made the tribes even, but this character was impressively bad. 
70 Chanel #3 Red Panda 5 Wisconsin 14th
I don't really remember anything Chanel did, she was a very low-vis presence and was also the first boot, and in a cast that's as amazing as Wisconsin's, those are two pretty big strikes against her. The only thing I can remember about her is that everyone referred to her as "Chanel" and she got pissed and kept correcting them with the "#3." Overall, I bet she would've been better if she had lasted longer than the first round, but we may never know. :(
69 Rogue Red Panda 5 Greece 16th
Sorry, Benji. :( I looked through all the "bad" or forgettable characters in Toadvivor and most of them are at least memetically bad, which makes them funny in a sense, but I can't say the same for Rogue. She did nothing and I was actually pretty relieved she was the first boot, since she was completely INV and I don't really remember a thing about her personality, sadly. Apparently she was supposed to be Rogue from X-Men and I'm bummed that she didn't do more because I think she could've been pretty cool if she did.
68 Vashaniqua Blondieee Michigan 13th
Vashaniqua was supposed to be a sassy black lady parody originally, I assume, but she ended up doing absolutely nothing and was kind of a stain on Michigan's generally amazing cast. She's kinda become this meme in Toadvivor for being notoriously bad, and Dylan doesn't even like to consider her a character of his (I know the feel *coughcoughSurvivorSucks*) so I can kinda appreciate her for that reason but... not really.
67 Christiana Blake Megido Norway 14th
Christiana was probably the 8265923578th "Christian girl" themed character, and considering Sunny played one of those in the Toadvivor right before Norway and won, I wasn't really in the mood for another one so soon after -- thankfully she was the first boot. Still didn't really like her that much, though.
66 Aniki Sliemy1 Norway 9th
While yes, Aniki was Sliemy, which is funny just by itself, and she (I think it was a girl?) came up with the amazing merged tribe name 'Pain, Death, Tears, and Suffering,' she also did literally nothing the entire time and I couldn't wait for her to get out.
65 Catalina Webly Greece 6th
I like that Webly was in Toadvivor, since Webly is not a user who's known for RPing, to say the least. Catalina probably did stuff, but... I don't remember ANY of it. At all. Catalina was pretty much the Carter Williams of the RP, placing and all. If she did stuff, someone tell me, since I routinely forget about this character's existence.
64 Hugh Jass NateNJ14 Norway 11th
Yes, this is an actual RP character. Hugh Jass was memorable for raging at me/spamming due to the PJIRC lag that was plaguing the RP during the second challenge, saying like two butt-related puns, and... not much else. He was almost a parody of a NateCharacter.
63 INVespiquen SoaringSpirits Norway 13th
This Norway slaughter isn't on purpose, I promise. Alright, this is where I actually start mildly liking characters or at least appreciating them. INVespiquen did NOTHING, because Liam was either trolling the RP (more likely) or AFK or something. I don't think she posted once, which just made it hilarious, but also kind of infuriating when I was trying to host. She self-voted both rounds and inadvertently ruined Noob's plan of trying to idol out Sonia, which I thought was kind of hilarious. But, I mean, a character who says/does absolutely nothing can only get so far in this. Still really funny, though.
62 Russell Crowe EnTrey Michigan 5th
Now, I normally LOVE Matt's characters, don't get me wrong, but Russell was kinda a disappointment. While he got all the way to 5th, he was kinda just ~there~ the whole time and didn't really do anything of note. He was a celebrity parody, but I don't remember him talking much, and maybe him being on Kinawa instead of Chippewa didn't exactly help matters.
61 ForestGirl 1dra7 Greece 2nd
Meh. ForestGirl seemed like a unique enough character, but weirdly, one of the things I remember most about Dra's experience in Greece was when he kept changing his character like 10 times pre-game, I know Poison Ivy (the Batman villain) was one of them and I wanted him to stick with her but he changed to ForestGirl. I don't even really know what ForestGirl was supposed to be, I knew she was a girl who liked nature but that was it, I guess? She was kinda a typical stratbot and got farther than I would've liked considering the r.obbed F4/F5 boots. I didn't really dislike her, though, I just feel seething indifference.
60 Feelings LongLiveLion Michigan 15th
Feelings was an interesting concept for a character and one of my favorite of Mika's characters. The one thing that did get annoying about this character was the constant name changing, but other than that, I thought she delivered and was a pretty decent early out.
59 KateTMiller EnTrey Jamaica 9th
Kate was a character who definitely had potential if she had gotten farther in the game, but the fact that she was the third out really prevented that from happening. Basically she was the "straight man" type character to some of the more wacky characters on her tribe, and that led to a couple of good moments. Also, she was the highest placing female character in the season at 9th, which is... something. 
58 Rina Yamasaki Sunslicer2 Jamaica 10th
I was excited for Rina and thought she had a lot of potential, even if she was just one of Sunny's GenericMORPGirl OCs. It seemed like she was actually pretty strategic and had some fight in her, and that was evidenced by her boot where she attempted to throw the challenge to vote out Shutupredneckman, but her efforts failed and she was the one sent home instead. I can appreciate a good blindside like that, but she wasn't too memorable up until that point. 
57 Honey Jaxswim Michigan 8th
What was this character even supposed to be? Honey's existence in Toadvivor is still an anomaly to me, she was practically invisible up until like the F9-ish and then Jax quit. I mean, "gtg mom's a b**ch" was an amazing moment, but that was more a JaxMoment than the actual character. Honey kinda just confused me and I feel like she had potential but did nothing. Also, while looking at the votes, I noticed that Honey was the one responsible for Gaybeéu's boot, which made me sad. So thanks a lot, Jax. >_>
56 Enter Reddude Michigan 14th
Enter was a character based on some SFC character who's apparently godawful, and I have the biggest amount of ironic love for him. Should he be this high up? No, probably not, but he was hilarious, actually. The fact that Reddy DESPISED this character, for one, was kind of funny for some horrible reason, and I loved the random French speaking, as well as how his entire tribe hated him, and how he self-voted once, then almost self-voted for the second time. G.od.
55 Christmas Eve That Epic Wisconsin 13th
I loved seeing that Epic was playing an Avenue Q character in Wisconsin, and Christmas Eve delivered quite a bit for the short time she was there. The main problem is that she was egregiously robbed when she was voted out second. I loved her beginnings of a plot with the #ArrianceQ she made, and she was setting herself up to be hilarious and cutthroat. Christmas Eve for Toadvivor: Second Chances?
54 MyriamScuttlebutt Manatee12 Greece 14th
I'm actually really bummed Myriam went as early as she did, since one, it's Mana, who pretty much never RPs, and two, I liked her character a lot - while I have never actually played an Ace Attorney game, Mana has told me enough about them that I have a basic understanding, and Myriam was a g.oddess. I loved the little plot Mana tried to give her, and wish it was drawn out longer. </3
53 Wendy Shadowgeoff Michigan 3rd
Wendy was your average TypicalSGCharacter, and while I enjoy most TypicalSGCharacters (Marisa <333) Wendy fizzled out near the end and wasn't too present nor snarky as other SG Characters throughout the RP, and I think SG himself admitted this. I did like how she miraculously got a vote (well, from Nate) at the FTC, though.
52 Sonia Sunslicer2 Norway 3rd
And now all the 3rd placers are out! Sonia was a TypicalSunnyCharacter (yeah, those kind of exist) but really UTR, sadly. She was kind of a strange character who would pop up at random times and say intriguing things, I was always kind of interested in seeing what she was like. She definitely broke out near the end and became good, but wasn't really the most present character in general.
51 Tasia Blondieee Greece 9th
I love that Dylan played one of my characters in a Toadvivor. <3 (It was most likely to make me like his character but whatever) The thing about Tasia is that she... really isn't that amazing of a character in TDRev, there's not really much to work with other than being extremely laid-back and acting stoned/saying "duuuude"/"maaaan." But I really did like her when she did that, she just wasn't as remarkable as the rest of the amazing cast.
50 Jarrod EnTrey Norway 12th
Jarrod was a pretty funny character who was basically this Australian guy who, from what I gathered, hated Americans. His quit was kinda sad but not really since the RP was going by VERY slowly so I was actually thankful someone quit. I... would've rather had it be Sliemy, of course, but what are you going to do? Also, the fact that he was based on someone from TARAustralia makes him even better, since Matt is like the last person I'd expect to watch ForeignTARs.
49 CorrineMaybe 1dra7 Michigan 4th
For the most part, Corrine was pretty much a strategybot and made tons of alliances, so, nothing really special. But the one thing that got her this high was her amazing moment during the firemaking tiebreaker, where Dra didn't see the last phrase required to win the challenge and lost, then had a meltdown and it was pretty much one of the defining Toadvivor moments.
48 Shakira/Hips Ashley Hikari Wisconsin 12th
So the first three characters out of Wisconsin are the first three boots, and that feels fitting in a way since everyone was a star to some degree. Shakira/Hips was a fantastic idea for a character, basically her schtick was that she was competing as Shakira, who was just generally nice and bubbly, and her hips, who never lied and thus said really rude things. It was funny and unique, and I feel like Shakira had a lot of untapped potential, so I could definitely see her coming back for All-Stars or another RP.
47 Mona Nduke Norway 4th
While Mona was based on a character from Pretty Little Liars, which is... not my favorite show, to say the least, I didn't mind her for the most part and actually thought she was pretty cool most of the time and a good character. Highlights include the attempted "A" subplot, and Duke attempting to find the idol in PM with me for like an hour before finally going to the Problem Solverz wiki. HOWEVER, Mona also booted TheNoob, which was heartbreaking, so I can't fully love her because of that.
46 Vanessa Sunslicer2 Greece 1st
I'm incredibly mixed on Vanessa. While I definitely lean towards liking her, there are a few things that prevent from me fully liking her. One, she was already used in copious RP series before, and won in like two of those, which kinda bums me out since she doesn't seem as unique. And two, the religious girl archetype is pretty tedious, although she was the original one so I get it. I loved her random idol play at the F7, though, so she really wasn't too bad. I would've preferred a Daenerys win, but Vanessa was the best out of the F3 in terms of winner potential.
45 Crazy Steve Nduke Wisconsin 5th
Crazy Steve was a true departure from your average Duke character, and as a Drake & Josh fan, I obviously enjoyed him. He started off really strong with his yelling fits and his continued insistence that it wasn't actually Wisconsin but the Premiere that he was competing in. Later on, Steve became a little more low-vis and started to try to steal the hosting position from me, which while funny, wasn't AS iconic as his early moments. He still definitely made me laugh a good amount, though.
44 Vivillon COKEMAN11 Greece 2nd
Vivillon was played during CK's Vivillon-collecting excursion/obsession/addiction, which was a pretty fun time. Pretty fun Pokemon character, basically, she just said her name, as usual, and it was fun for a while. She then became pretty UTR, and I appreciated that she got far, but I mean, it's a Pokemon, so there's not much development potential there.
43 Harvey Danger Mister.. E. Greece 15th
Harvey was a character that I actually didn't remember too much, until MrE included him in his character rankings and then it all came back to me. He was basically some delusional "superhero" who tried to take charge of his team and lead them to victory and be heroic and stuff but failed miserably and was the second boot. I absolutely loved his little arc, I wish he would've gotten farther. Every RP needs some r.obbed early boots, though.
42 Flynnigan Avery FireFlame Greece 7th
Flynn is weird because I don't really remember him that much, but I do remember that I liked him a lot. I'm not entirely sure, but I think he was a douchey, macho man character, and his interactions with others were entertaining, but like a lot of Greece, I'm kinda drawing a blank on what else he did. I know he was a good character, though.
41 Herman BrunoSomebody Norway 7th
Herman was an odd character, I'm still not entirely sure what Bruno originally planned to have him do, but basically he was this shy, quiet guy, I think, who was really honest and had #toadvivorbreakdowns anytime people got into arguments. He also had some weird love triangle with Blendi and Jasmyne/TheNoob, and despite Bruno disconnecting like ten times and not seeming that invested in the RP, I thought he was a good character.
40 Kinkshaming101 Reddude Jamaica 3rd
Kinkshaming was a... very unique idea for a character, and for the first few rounds, he(?) was pretty funny with his general sexually explicit advice. Once the merge hit, he was funny for a completely different reason - Reddy got extremely tired of the RP or his character or something, and started self-voting essentially every round and begging the other contestants to vote him off. None of them obliged ever because they were too busy planning #POWERMOVESONLY, and Reddy found himself all the way in the F3, which was just hilarious. He then quit because he had had enough, and it was just overall a pretty amazing arc. The actual content of his character was kind of sparse, which is why he's down here, but I really do appreciate pretty much everything he brought to the season. 
39 Zeep EnTrey Wisconsin 10th
Zeep was a fun Matt character who was basically supposed to be an alien who had found his way to the planet Earth and ended up with somewhat of a warped understanding of Earthlings and their customs. Watching him stumble around the Aldrich tribe chat was fun, and he had some great interactions with Kylo and Pantalone. Throughout the RP, he had written a song and kept demanding to perform it, and when he finally performed it right before being booted was one of my favorite moments of the RP. He had a lot of potential so I was sad to see him go out early, but he had a good arc.
38 MinecraftFan2002 BrunoSomebody Wisconsin 4th
At first I was kind of annoyed by MinecraftFan and figured he'd be an easy first boot, but once he made it deeper and deeper into the RP, I actually started finding him hilarious. His whole schtick of being an angry, crude 12-year-old on Minecraft made me laugh a lot, and I loved how he didn't really have any sort of alliance and just kind of floated around the whole time and yelled at people. He sadly petered out during the end when he was booted pretty obviously in 4th place, but he was a genuinely funny presence who I grew to appreciate.
37 AnnieWilkes 1dra7 Norway 10th
I don't always like repeat characters from other RPs, but Annie made it work because I actually really liked her in Cursed Islands, from the little I remember of her. Basically she was insane, psychotic, and extremely unstable, and got into huge fights with a ton of the other characters. Her merge blindside reminded me a bit of the #BlindsideMercyAlliance and I wish we could've seen more of her, but she was fun while she lasted and I'm glad she stayed in character the whole time.
36 AntsInMyEyes Thebiggesttdifan Jamaica 4th
AntsInMyEyes Johnson was based on a character from a brief gag from Rick & Morty, which is what I was able to gather without having seen any of the show other than that 40-second clip. And I have to say he really did deliver, generally capturing the frantic nature shown in the commercial and also going back to the "me" strategy of occasionally going out of character to crack some sort of reference or joke. Overall, Ants was a pretty fun addition to the cast and was also responsible for creating this masterpiece.
35 OkemosDouche Mister.. E. Michigan 12th
OkemosDouche was the first of MrE's two funny early boot characters in Toadvivor, and the better one too since he was around for a bit longer. He was the combination of pretty much all the douches at school I ranted about in chat, and I actually gave MrE a couple ideas in PM for how to make him realistic. He wasn't a normal MrE character, which I liked, and I loved how crude he was, as well as how he hit on girls but said ambiguously gay things too.
34 Punchiedood Ben109 Greece 12th
Punchie is basically your typical Ben character: says really weird, hilarious things, and is just an awesome and unique character in general. Punchie is also another example of an early out who I think would've been god-tier if he had been in longer, and I loved that his gimmick was similar to Harvey's but they were two completely different characters. He just gives off that Ben-esque vibe, and I love it.
33 JohnKenzington NateNJ14 Michigan 11th
Just putting it out there that this is the first non-Vashaniqua member of Chippewa to be cut. They were that good. John is the best Nate character I've seen, by far. I think he was a reporter type, he was hammy without being too annoying and contributed to the clusterfucky tribe he was on. I also loved his elimination, where he died and then appeared as a ghost (apparently that made him suck in Rejectvivor because all he did was say "ooo" but whatever). The one thing that made me sad was the fact that he prevented Aimee from winning, I definitely should've let SG vote to break the tie. But John was fun, even if he wasn't too present he was definitely not like most Nate characters.
32 Antonio Jaxswim Greece 13th
Antonio was one of Jax's rare male characters, and I didn't know it was actually Jax for a while. If I remember correctly, he was kinda a gentlemanly, romantic Brazilian/Portuguese guy, and the one thing about him I remember the most vividly was how he won individual immunity in a double tribal council and gave his immunity to Chelsey, then he pulled an Erik Reichenbach and was sent home. <3 Great story arc and fun character.
31 NakedBody Avery FireFlame Norway 6th
This character was really bizarre and confused me, but I liked his plotline. He joined the game as a T-Rex and I really enjoyed that, but Fire thought it sucked, I guess, so he changed to Naked Body which was... well, a nude body. He went to Exile a few times and killed animals and wore their skins as pelts, which was kind of bizarre, and kept changing into different alter-egos. Normally the name changing would piss me off, but it was part of his story and it was entertaining. Then there was the weird feud he had with Cynthia, which definitely delivered. Overall, a really weird but fun character.
30 MathTeacher That Epic Greece 8th
Yet another example of how Epic has absolutely no themes for the type of character he plays. MathTeacher did funny, teacher-y stuff, and was a favorite of the RP but I don't exactly remember too many of her individual moments. I do, however, remember the #MaliciousMathteacher vote, and how MathTeacher voted controversially in general, and just the idea of the character is really fun and enough to place her this high.
29 TylerOakley Avery FireFlame Michigan 1st
Avery FireSlaughter! Anyway, uh, Tyler was a good winner, I especially loved how a parody of someone who happens to be from Okemos won the season located in Michigan. His odd relationship with Gaybeeu was great and he was really funny in the tribe chat (but really, who wasn't?) but he didn't really do much post-merge and I felt like Aimee would have been a better winner. (Thanks NATE >_>) He's still a super iconic winner, though, and I definitely want him back for Toadvivor: All-Stars which will come in approximately 2016. I also recently learned that Tyler was the cause for one of my favorite RP moments ever, AKA Chippewa coming to the sandbag challenge completely drunk, so I love him even more for that.
28 Stephen Shadowgeoff Norway 8th
Stephen was one of SG's OCs, and a really easy way for me to like you is to send a bunch of confessionals that really show your character and their interactions with others, since it's sometimes hard to tell. Stephen did exactly that, and I loved his slightly cynical view of pretty much everyone else, but also hoping to make friends. He was just a fun character and he was super CP too, which is a plus.
27 Tai Trang Oatmeal- Jamaica 2nd
Tai was great throughout the whole RP, and I'm glad Oats was able to make a triumphant return to the wiki. Seeing him win would've been fun because I love having unique winners, but CK had to go ahead and ruin things. Uh, actually he didn't, but onto Tai. He was amazing and in-character in the beginning, especially when placed on a tribe with Scot and Jason and when he yelled at Kinkshaming101 for accidentally eating the tribe chicken. He got a little gamebotty in the middle, which drags him down a bit, but to be fair Real!Tai also did too. Losing at FTC was sad but it also was realistic, and I'd definitely be down with seeing Tai again in AS. 
26 PiperWright 1dra7 Wisconsin 8th
I haven't played Fallout 4 so I don't know much about Piper's origin, but just looking at her wiki page, she looks amazing. Dra's portrayal of Piper was amazing too. One of my favorite things is when RP characters interact with the host, and Piper definitely did that - basically her whole game was dedicated to trying to uncover the questionable goings-on behind the scenes of Toadvivor. She's probably Dra's best character in Toadvivor so far, and I'd love to see her again.
25 Cynthia That Epic Norway 2nd
Now this is a bit more of a TypicalEpicCharacter (if that exists) considering she's from Pokemon. Cynthia is one of my favorite Pokemon characters, and she was super UTR early on in the RP, but eventually broke out and became really fun. Her caps-filled raging/feud with Naked Body was great, she was consistently funny and she was just very fun and in-character (as much as possible, really). I would've been pretty satisfied with her winning.
24 Jessyka COKEMAN11 Michigan 9th
Jessyka didn't really do much in main chat but was hilarious from the PMs that CK showed me, as well as in the tribe chat. She would constantly offer people random, inanimate objects, which she treated like drugs, and would smoke things such as Tumblr, which made absolutely no sense but was amazing. Also, how she was given an idol by Staci and didn't play it at the tribal council she was booted in was awesome. I'm not even sure what this character was supposed to be, but I loved her.
23 Shutupredneckman2 Owenandheatherfan Jamaica 7th
OHF playing SURM, a well-known power user on r/survivor who was recently permabanned thanks to his... abrasive behavior, was pretty much as great as it sounded and the only reason he's not even higher is because we didn't get a full RP's worth of him. Basically, he was a condescending asshole to everyone and was the alternate boot target every time his tribe went to TC (which was a lot, because they were Ulonged) but somehow never went home. Just his general accuracy and lines were always really funny to me, and I enjoyed his presence in the game. 
22 Maleficent Echomist x Michigan 16th
Maleficent is extremely iconic for a variety of reasons and it actually pains me to cut her. She was the first character ever voted out of Toadvivor, she was played by ZOEY (a very, very rare occurrence), and she was totally robbed because she was also a super fun character. I thought she'd be an amazing HBIC and figured she'd control her tribe, but she was eliminated first, breaking my heart... then she stayed in the game as her dragon form and threatened to eat people while lurking behind the Tribal Council set for pretty much the entire challenge. Honestly, I could see myself bringing her back for All-Stars... if Zoey ever materializes again on the wiki.
21 Kylo Ren Ben109 Wisconsin 3rd
So I know Kylo is fairly controversial, but personally, I adored him. I was hoping someone would play a Star Wars character in some sort of RP since I did Toadvivor right after I had seen TFA not once, but twice, and Ben played Kylo perfectly. He did a great job at turning him into a funny caricature (not unlike the @KyloR3n Twitter account) and his antics in the early game were hilarious, including obsessing over Darth Vader and attempting to resurrect the Knights of Ren with an alliance. Sadly, Ben was playing on his phone so Kylo was pretty UTR in the later portion of the game, but I really was rooting for him to win for the first few rounds and would love to see him again.
20 Chelsey BrunoSomebody Greece 10th
I always love it when people play my characters, even if it's kinda pandering, but I didn't really think this was pandering since it's Bruno. Chelsey was a great reference to one of my favorite characters from my stories, and I loved how she started out as a really powerful, "HBIC"-y alliance leader then turned into an underdog and was voted out at the merge almost unanimously. It was tragic, but definitely a great storyline. Her feud with Justin was also awesome <3
19 Blendi COKEMAN11 Norway 1st
Blendi is definitely my favorite winner so far. I appreciated that she was brought back from an ancient RP that I actually remember quite vaguely, and I also love the origin behind her name, as well as her personality of being some random California girl/recruit who was always weirdly peppy and upbeat. The hashtags were definitely a nice touch too, and I actually kinda loved that she was so out of touch with pretty much everything and basically just did her own thing, then won.
18 Scot Pollard Mister.. E. Jamaica 8th
17 Kyle Jason 1dra7 Jamaica 6th
16 Guatemana Manatee12 Wisconsin 2nd
I don't know how I get Mana to keep RPing in these things, but I love it. Guatemana was (presumably) a last-minute character idea inspired by the real Guatemana, a guy I go to college with who is basically the Guatemalan version of Mana for many reasons. So basically Mana played himself, with a few references to his homeland, Guatemala. I thought he was hilarious most of the time, especially since Mana was playing while extremely sleep-deprived, and for the most part just rambled nonsensically about his personal life. He was a really enjoyable character to watch, even if he disappeared a few times, and I would've loved to see him win in the F3.
15 Maddie Thebiggesttdifan Greece 11th
One of the things I liked the most about Maddie was that she was just such a departure from your usual TBTDIF character, she was female, first of all, and just her personality was not like a usual character of his. TBTDIF likes to say that she was just some bland CPP girl but I actually really loved her, especially her habit of PMing me really cool storytelling things. Basically Stephen, but even more confessionals. I just found something about her extremely likable and I wish she didn't get out so early.
14 Stefan Reddude Wisconsin 1st
Stefan was fun for me because Reddy was talking to me in PM pre-RP about how his only goal was to win and he was going to try desperately to do so, and he ended up doing it. Even besides that, Stefan himself was a really good and original character, and I didn't know what Reddy was doing with him at first, but I loved that his chickens were an unofficial 15th player. Every time they indirectly influenced something or attacked another character, it was great. He also had some great confessionals in PM, which is always a plus. Stefan was definitely my favorite winner so far and I'm glad Reddy won!
13 Aimee Fyrexx Michigan 2nd
Aimee was awesome and one of my favorites in Michigan. For the whole time, I totally thought she was going to win, she would've made a great winner. (again, thanks NATE >_>) Also, her pseudo-romance with Neb was also really good. I also enjoyed the random nerdy/weird references she would drop, I think she talked about Animal Crossing quite a bit which got on my good side. Then, she just behaved like your regular amazing Zac character in PM. Awesome character and I hope to see her return.
12 Pantalone Nalyd Renrut Wisconsin 11th
Okay, this is the highest I could drag Pantalone, but trust me, he deserves this top 10 placement completely. He's the highest pre-merger on this list, which fits very well. So first of all, just the fact that Nalyd was in a Toadvivor was great all by itself, but he played an absolutely hilarious character too. I didn't even really get what Pantalone was supposed to be other than a strange character from old Italian theater, but he had great moments, including yelling at everyone and especially his AMAZING rivalry with John Cena. The scene at Pantalone's boot where he was yelling at John and he then appeared and hit him in the head with a folding chair was really just the magnum opus. Honestly, I could see bringing Pantalone back for All-Stars. He really was J'Tia/Drew Christy-level in terms of fourth boots.
11 JustinTimberlake Fann Y. Fiction the 2010th Greece 6th
Justin's story was amazing and this is probably the best Fanny character I've ever seen. I loved how he started out as just this really cool, famous dude who was kind of beloved by his tribe, then he devolved into a villain and ended up getting 17 votes by the end of the RP. It's no Cole Clemence but it's something. Other Justin highlights include him actually coming into the "#VoteOutJustin" secret chat and his weird showmance/feud with Chelsey, where they ended up making out while everyone was doing their jury speeches. <3
10 Daenerys Nduke Greece 4th
And the last Greece contestant falls! Now, I know little to nothing about Game of Thrones, which makes me unsure as to why I love this character so much, but I just totally appreciated her. This is one of Duke's best characters of all time, maybe even his best. The references didn't seem forced or anything, I really loved the mysterious air about her, and I thought she would make an awesome winner. Of course, it wasn't meant to be (just like my favorites in the other seasons) but I'm excited to see her return in All-Stars.
8 JustLittleOlMe Thebiggesttdifan Wisconsin 9th
Jay was amazing. First and foremost, her character was eerily accurate to the point that users on chat started questioning whether Jay herself was playing in the RP, so TBTDIF definitely nailed that part. Her portrayal was easily the best part about her, and just how much of a relentlessly positive presence she was in the tribe chat, but the blindside at the merge was also pretty great. Jay was shockingly? doing well in the game too, and I feel like she'll have to come back at some point. I'm also just now regretting the fact that I didn't do an impromptu loved ones visit so Gideoncrawle himself could've showed up. Ah, well, it'll happen soon enough.
7 Neb901 Ben109 Michigan 7th
Okay, Punchiedood isn't the epitome of a typical Ben character, Neb is. It helps that he was a parody of Ben himself, but he had enough in him to be more than just your average user parody and he branched out to become his own character. I can't even pinpoint what was so amazing about him in terms of individual moments but he was really, really funny. I loved that he acted as the straight man for the ridiculous Chippewa tribe (like when he refused to get drunk while everyone else was) but was actually somewhat crazy himself, which I think made Chippewa even crazier. And his weird relationship with Aimee was also great, obviously. Him being rocked out was tragic but also a great end to his story. Also, Neb was the creator of the best merged tribe name ever, LeakyLakeyLeakLake, so that's another plus. I have a feeling we'll be seeing this character again...
5 Staci Owenandheatherfan Michigan 6th
Staci basically ~was~ Toadvivor: Michigan, what with the riggage accusations, weird gag lines, and everything, even if she wasn't on Chippewa. So there has apparently been many other Stacis in different RPs, but this one is the best. Staci began as a pretty good parody of the ROTI character, but was mostly just a gag, but she really started to shine post-merge. In addition to posting considerably funny Staci-isms, she also managed to find many, many idols, and also went on an immunity streak, handing out idols to different players (sometimes super random ones like Honey) every time, and idoling out Gaybeéu with one vote (which was heartbreaking but still a great moment). O plays a great Staci, and it was super weird but hilarious to see her dominate.
4 John Cena Mister.. E. Wisconsin 6th
And JOHN CENA makes the top four. This legend of a character started when MrE wanted to RP but had no character ideas, so someone jokingly suggested John Cena and he actually went through with it. The fact that John turned into an unironically amazing and hilarious character was the icing on the cake. John started off with a bang where he would yell in caps lock-ridden rants at various characters and generally provided conflict, especially with Pantalone. Their rivalry was easily the best part of the early game, and as I said in Pantalone's write-up, the climax just wrapped it all up so nicely. I was worried John would fade into the background after Pantalone left and was bummed that they didn't make the merge together, but thankfully he was just as hilarious and continued his shenanigans up to the merge where he routinely shouted obscenities and pile-drove other contestants (including ToadProbst). For a last-minute throwaway character, John Cena was hilarious.
3 Gaybeéu Manatee12 Michigan 10th
Gaybeéu is probably a pretty weird choice to have as my #1 from Michigan, but I feel like he represented Michigan's clusterfucky cast (and especially Chippewa) better than anyone else. I'm pretty surprised I got Mana to RP in Toadvivor, but I was actually very happy, and his origin (some fake Facebook account that Mana showed me in PM one day) just makes him better. So, in the Chippewa chat, he acted ridiculous and had dubious sexual affairs with Tyler, Neb (calling him his "twink powerbottom"), and basically everyone else on the tribe. He was also one of the catalysts for Chippewa going to the challenge drunk, which made me very happy. Other amazing moments of his include when he fucked a sandbag sideways, got idoled out of the game with only one vote against him, you know. Basically, he was a hilarious, clusterfucky character, and despite his fairly early exit I remember him super vividly.
2 TheNoob Mister.. E. Norway 5th
I don't exactly know how to explain TheNoob, because despite the fact that she didn't have a huge, complicated plotline or deep, CP-filled confessionals, and despite the fact that I love those types of characters, characters I love even more are just really funny ones, and TheNoob was one of the most hilarious characters I've ever seen in an RP. Basically, TheNoob was a hardcore "athiest" who said really weird, "random!!11 xD" things and they were always ridiculously funny, I don't even know why or how I found it hilarious but the timing that she had, and how she would just come out of nowhere and spout some odd reference was something I kept looking forward to. The times she attempted to be strategic were super fun, like how she had this random fiery hatred towards Sonia and tried to idol her out at the second Tribal Council but her plans were foiled by INVespiquen's self-voting. Then there's the amazing merged tribe name known as TACOZLakeyTACOZLake. I really, REALLY wanted TheNoob to win the RP, and I'm actually still fairly torn up over her boot at the F5. So yeah, I loved TheNoob and I really hope she comes back and does well in AS <3
1 DJ Khaled COKEMAN11 Wisconsin 7th
I don't know if I can accurately sum up the experience that was DJ Khaled in just one write-up. CK had been plotting to play him for a while, and I was hoping he'd surface for Wisconsin, so thankfully I was right. In the game, Khaled took on some sort of motivational leadership role for the Peet tribe and was able to guide his fellow contestants through the pathways of more success. Just little tidbits like how he'd randomly shout "LION" in the middle of challenges, how he'd c/p any sort of positive message written about him and reply with "Fan luv," and how he'd say "Another one" after every vote off really completed the true DJ Khaled experience for me. He was especially great because I had just discovered djkhaled305 on Snapchat a couple weeks before, so his appearance was very timely, to say the least. In addition to being hilarious, he was actually a pretty decent player too, shockingly? The cross-tribe #LIONORDER alliance was great and all (until the others brutally betrayed Khaled after the merge) and it got even better when he created a new voting bloc called #WINMORE to blindside Christmas Eve, evolving the strategy of Toadvivor. All in all, thank god for DJ Khaled, he made me laugh (or snort loudly) many times and was amazingly in-character, grammar, emojis, and all, and for that he's definitely my new favorite.

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