Some Attributes
First 2nd Runner-Up of Ovivor: Turkey.
Second Is a dork.
Third Still likes Hustin Heever.
Other Attributes
Fourth Has been beat up by his little brother (he's five).

Tom TDWI is the 2nd Runner-Up of Ovivor: Turkey. He is most memorable for being somewhat useful to his tribe at the start, but getting lazy and having a mental breakdown post-merge until he and Toby threatened to quit. They decided not to, though, and Tom finished as the 2nd Runner-Up, getting no jury votes.


Name (Age): Mr. Pantsito "Thomas" TDWI (19)
Tribe Designation: Gul and Same
Current Residence: Werido Island, United States
Occupation: G.od
Personal Claim to Fame: Being a dork
Inspiration in Life: Hustin Heever
Hobbies: Listening to Hustin Heever, getting beaten up by my little brother (he's five)
Pet Peeves: Hustin Heever haters and my little brother
3 Words to Describe You: Dorky, Hustin-loving, and g.odly
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Tom Westman
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: I was bored and wanted to escape my little brother.
Why you think you'll "survive" SURVIVOR: Everyone else will be a huge dork.
Why you think you will be the sole SURVIVOR: I have impeccable music taste and I'm a g.od

Ovivor: TurkeyEdit

Tom TDWI's Voting History
Day Tom TDWI's
Voted Against
1 Gul Tribe Immune
2 No Tribal Council
No Tribal Council
Gul Tribe Immune
3 No Tribal Council
Gul Tribe Immune
4 Basil;
5 Donaam -
Basil -
6 ImmunityIdol;
7 Brittnay -
ImmunityIdol ImmunityIdol, Myself
8 No Tribal Council
Tuba Individual Immunity
9 Robin -
Jury Votes for
Sole Survivor
2nd Runner-Up, Day 10

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