Some Attributes
First 8th-placer, Epicvivor: Gabon
Second First Jury Member
Third Has a random obsession with all things Disney and pillow forts.
Other Attributes
Fourth Blame it on my roots, I'm probably wearing boots!

Tori was a castaway on Epicvivor: Gabon. Tori came into the game singing Disney songs and obsessing over pillow forts, and before long she found herself in the pivotal Exes alliance along with Bernice and Laci. Tori had an unrequited love for opposing tribe member Boo Radley, attempting to get him to show his affection back until he committed suicide, devastating Tori. At the merge vote, searching for the numbers, Tori and the Exes welcomed Rita into their alliance. Despite her spoken suspicions towards Bernice and Laci about not trusting Rita, the alliance decided to trust Rita for a vote, which wound up in Rita betraying them and Tori being idoled out of the game. When Bernice and Laci both went on to the final tribal council, Tori was conflicted but ultimately decided to vote for Laci after thinking Bernice would get other votes.

Voting HistoryEdit

Epicvivor: GabonEdit

# Tori's
Votes Against
1 Fang Tribe Immune
2 PseudoDeep -
1 Fang Tribe Immune
4 Lil Sebastian Lil Sebastian, Rita
Voted Out, Day 12
Voted for
Sole Survivor

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