Yax bvw

Some Attributes
First Winner of Dravivor: Shifting Islands.
Second Winner of Dravivor: Blood vs. Water.
Third brb suiciding & cancer
Other Attributes
Fourth Did not get gifted the Sharon dress.
Sixth Somehow acquired four idols.

Yaxha was a contestant in Dravivor: Shifting Islands. He is most remembered for constantly claiming he was going to commit suicide, blindsiding Kim as well as winning unanimously. He returned with his brother Nakum for Dravivor: Blood vs. Water, where he became the first ever character to win two seasons of the same RP franchise by a vote of 3-2-2.


Shifting IslandsEdit

When Shifting Islands was retroactively made a canon season, the online bios were not recovered.

Blood vs. WaterEdit

Neither Yaxha nor Nakum filled in a bio as they were last-minute additions to the cast.

Dravivor: Shifting IslandsEdit

Yaxha's Voting History
Day Yaxha's
Voted Against
3 Marko Tribe Immune
6 Robert Robert
9 Henry not sure tbh
12 Sam idk maybe Sam
15 Henry -
18 Kenny not sure tbh
21 Daniella -
24 Joe Individual Immunity
27 Kim Kim, Dolores, Bellatrix
30 Dolores Dolores, Bellatrix
33 N/A -
Jury Votes
for Yaxha
Henry, Kenny, Daniella, Joe,
Kim, Dolores, Bellatrix
Winner, Day 36


  • He was played by CK.

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